Watch a Crazy Person Ride His Bike on the Arches of a Fort Worth Bridge

This is the kind of thing I have bad dreams about.

BMXMat Olson is a professional BMX rider who lives in Fort Worth and Arizona. Over the weekend, the Star-Telegram posted this video of Olson riding atop the arches of the West 7th Street Bridge. This is why we can’t have anything nice. (Note: that joke was stolen from a comment on the YouTube video, which I came to via Unfair Park.


  • Cory Smith

    Olson knew this was not to done and waited until there was a window without officers to do so. That the FWPD declined to cite him for it is beyond me.

    That this wasn’t foreseen by the bridge’s designers, TXDoT (who funded the bridge) or FWPD is really surprising.