Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Jan. 9

Dallas is Neil Hamburger heaven tonight.

Unnecessary caption.

Options! You finally have some.

First, the nom-de-plumed comedian Neil Hamburger has a stand-up set at Sons of Hermann Hall. He’s trawled the underground circuit delivering his disheveled schtick and sharp celebrity critiques since the 1990s, though Twitter has provided him an additional medium for mockery. He’s accompanied by solo guitarist Alvarious B. And because it’s Thursday night and not Friday night, you are denied the pleasure of Monkey King soup dumplings. Console yourself with Cane Rosso or a burger from Stackhouse.

The Texas Theatre offers a screening of Bettie Page Reveals All this evening, which is just a documentary, guys. Director Mark Mori takes an intimate look at the life of pin up superstar Bettie Page, narrated by Page herself through interviewed taped years before her death in 2008. Go to Mesa for dinner. The menu has been switched up a bit, and instead of the black bean tamale with plaintains there’s a new black bean enchilada. Veggies beware, there’s chicken in that one. But it is excellent.

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