Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Jan. 28

Join the Joy Luck Club.

Amy Tan, and Amy Tan's new book.
Amy Tan, and Amy Tan’s new book.

Man, Pete Seeger. “Turn! Turn! Turn!” is one of those songs that never fails to make me feel like I’ve got something sharp and pointy in the my eye.

Tonight, the author Amy Tan (you may remember her from a high school English assignment, since her popular book The Joy Luck Club, remains on many a reading list) is in town for an appearance that’s part of the Dallas Museum of Art’s Arts and Letters Live series. One of my favorite college professors (of course he’s a favorite) talked some about playing in the Rock Bottom Remainders with her. Tan sings. The whole concept of that band remains fantastic.

Anyway, Tan has written a new book, which she will introduce to you this evening as well as discuss the link she’s found between museums and fiction. Note that while this is a DMA event, the talk will actually take place across the street from the DMA at First United Methodist Church, presumably because it has more seats than the Horchow Auditorium. You can still get tickets via the museum’s website.

Also this evening, the young musician Jake Bugg, who I have seen compared to Bob Dylan with stunning frequency, has a show at the House of Blues. If I recall correctly, his sold-out concert at the Kessler late year was a supposed to have been pretty remarkable. If you missed him a few months ago, this is your chance, since tickets are still available.

For more to do tonight, including a screening of Sixteen Candles at the Alamo Drafthouse, go here. For more concerts to check out this week, check out Christopher Mosley’s recommendations on FrontRow.