Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Jan. 21

YOLO Solo Festival in Fair Park and Crushed Stars at Good Records.

Drake has acting experience, too.
Drake has acting experience, too.

The ubiquity of Drake’s life motto rears its head once again, this time with the six-day YOLO Solo Festival at the Margo Jones Theatre in Fair Park. This festival, presented by Audacity Theatre Lab, features short plays written around the theme “one lives but once in the world,” to paraphrase both our sensitive rapper friend and Johann Wolfgang von Geothe. Tonight’s early shows include Ostinato by Natalie Gaupp and The Elephant in the Room by Theatre Three’s Bruce Coleman, followed by Jeff Swearengen in the one-man play The Last Castrato.

As an aside, it would appear that a Fort Lauderdale restaurant has taken things too far. So while I still contend that Dallas is home to the longest, most deliberate stretch of ridiculously-named restaurants built right next to each other, YOLO‘s contemporary American cuisine is…I don’t know, some sort of individual winner. But seriously, tonight’s tickets are $15 at the door, cash or credit, and you can reserve a seat by calling or texting 214-888-6650.

Over on FrontRow, Christopher Mosley has details on tonight’s don’t-miss concert at Good Records. Dallas-based indie pop act Crushed Stars (Todd Gautreau), ahead of what will obviously be a somewhat more spacious show at the Kessler Theater with Pleasant Grove on Friday, offers a debut listen of the new album Farewell Young Lovers. Another Dallas-based band, Myopic, takes the AstroTurf at 7 p.m. Crushed Stars is on at 8 p.m. Drop in to the nearby Libertine for a late-night snack and a drink. For more to do tonight, go here.