Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Jan. 14

A musical performance from a violin prodigy with a man bun to rival Jared Leto's


Make sure you read Barrett Brown’s literary dispatch from jail. Fantastic.

This evening finds actor and unincarcerated bard Jeff Swearingen, also the creative director for Fun House Theatre and Film, playing Joseph, a man born without his man parts in a strange and funny one-person show called The Last Castrato. He doesn’t sing. In fact, Joseph has no discernible talents at all, something he struggles with as he attempts to navigate a love affair with a woman named Elena, who was born with her own deformity but possesses a great voice to make up for it.

From what I understand, Swearingen is reprising his performance from 2006, so I’m interested to see it now that Andy Eninger’s play has returned to town after making the rounds on the festival circuit. Tonight’s the first night for performances, which with run through the beginning of the upcoming YOLO Solo Festival at the Margo Jones Theatre in Fair Park. It’s presented as a collaboration between Audacity Theatre Lab and Fun House. The Meridian Room, of course, is a convenient place for drinks and dinner.

Meanwhile, German musician David Garrett will take to the Winspear Opera House to inspire serious hair envy among us bottle blondes. His man bun rivals Jared Leto’s. Garrett also possesses a talent for the violin that manifested at an early age, which is technically the reason he’s here. The former child prodigy boasts an extensive classical music repertoire as well as a penchant for interpreting rock and pop music with strings and a bow. His rendition of Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me a River,” for example, is worth a listen.

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