The SAGA Pod 1.7: Philip Kingston and the City Manager Hire

The outspoken city councilman talks about the city manager hiring and what he thinks about my theory that the mayor will definitely run for reelection.


Welcome to the first 2014 edition of the SAGA Pod. Good news! After a month off and time spent tinkering, I still can’t do this thing properly! Like, I forgot to record an intro. But you’ll figure out pretty quickly that I’m talking to City Councilman Philip Kingston about the city manager search. He gives great insight into the process, what’s going on behind closed doors (like why he wasn’t allowed to ask questions of the candidates during the first round of interviews!), and why he’s hopeful this is no longer a dog-and-pony show. Also: We talk about why running a city like a business isn’t always a good thing, why I think the mayor is going to run in the next election after all, and why Kingston isn’t so sure my logic makes sense.

As always, the SAGA Pod’s rss feed is here, the link to listen on my hosting page is here, the iTunes link is here, although it won’t be up right away, or just click here and listen. on your computer Happy ear time.


  • Tim Rogers

    What the hell? Not only did you forget to record an intro (no big loss, actually), but your audio has gotten WORSE. Kingston sounds fine, but you are about half as loud in the right channel as you are in the left.

    • Eric Celeste

      OH! The channels. Right. Left. Got it!