The Best of D Magazine Bests, 2013

Find out which of our list-based articles were most popular this year.

Some of the contenders
Some of the contenders

Look, you can act all superior if you want. You can harumph and wear that smirk on your face as you insist you’re far above such shallow concerns as caring which restaurants make it onto a magazine’s best list. You can claim that the only publication you read regularly is the New Yorker, and that you read it cover to cover every week, so you’ve not got the time to bother with such silliness as finding out who lives in the city’s most expensive home. Say whatever you like, but we know you’re lying.

We’ve got the numbers to prove it: our readers love lists, even if only so they can argue with how poorly conceived the rankings are, how we’ve made egregious oversights and embarrassing inclusions. They come back again and again. We know because we’ve been tracking their every move on our website.

So which of our best lists were the most popular with our online readers this year? You really want to know? Wait, I thought you didn’t have time for lists, and now here you are begging to be shown a list composed entirely of other lists?

Hold on, no need to click away. We were just teasing you. We kid because we love. You want to know the best of our bests?

Go right this way.


  • Jeff Hayden

    I look forward to your Best of D Magazine Best of D Magazine Best article.

  • Jeff Hayden

    Uhhhggg. Not another list that makes me reload the page for every item on the list (and again to back out of it). See my list of Most Annoying Web Trends.