Texas Cities Are Rocking Along, Sure, But Don’t Count California Out

The Lone State State and the Golden State did well on the Milken Institute's rankings of America's best-performing big cities.

And I'm pretty sure California's state mammal could eat Texas' state mammal.   (photos: Lisa Williams/Flickr and FieldSportsTV/Flickr.)
And I’m pretty sure California’s state mammal could eat Texas’ state mammal. (photos: Lisa Williams/Flickr and FieldSportsTV/Flickr.)

I spent most of December hunting down bugs on our newly launched website (BTW, how do you like it?) and prepping material to keep the website fed throughout our two-week holiday break, so I’m catching up on some older items of interest.

That includes the Milken Institute’s annual report on the best-performing cities in the United States, released last month. These are based on factors including job and wage growth, and overall growth in the area’s tech economy, for the past year. Dallas-Plano-Irving performed well, up to No. 7 among large cities for 2013 (from No. 14 in 2012). Fort Worth-Arlington fell to No. 16, down from No. 10 the year before.

Texas as a whole is well-represented high on the list, with Austin No. 1, Houston No. 8, San Antonio No. 12, Corpus Christi No. 17, and Laredo No. 22.

But, for all the California bashing that certain of our state leaders are fond of engaging in, the San Francisco and San Jose areas are No. 3 and No. 4 in the rankings. Last time I checked, those places are in the Golden State.

See the full, sortable rankings here.