State Rep. Jonathan Stickland Has a Facebook Problem

Good luck to voters in District 92.

Last time we talked about Rep. Jonathan Stickland, we were admiring his sidearm and urging him to hire a copy editor. Today let’s have a look at some of his old Facebook posts. He got into an argument with some people about federal disaster relief. Remember that Stickland now bills himself as a conservative Christian. Here’s some of what he posted on Facebook in August 2011:

“I hate Rush Limbaugh and I hate Fox news.”

“I am pro-union rights, and I am pro-gay marriage.”

“I am a bit extra heated tonight Stacey. I just wrote a $2600 check to the state of Texas for my property taxes that will go to pay for a educational system that sucks and my family will never use. It is bullshit and its unfair.”

It appears, then, that he was paying his property taxes late and perhaps sending the check to the wrong place. You don’t pay the state of Texas; you pay your local tax assessor/collector. I don’t imagine his statement will win him any votes from the teachers who live in District 92 (Hurst, Euless, Bedford). Nor will that pro gay marriage stance do well with conservatives. Still got the guns-and-khakis crowd, though. So there’s that.


  • Uppercase Matt

    Andy Cargile is a much better choice.

    • Lowercase Lee

      Hahaha give me one good reason why. Let me guess…he’s got a Master’s degree. He hasn’t been in the pest control business. He’s never made a grammatical error in his life. Blablabla get some new material….perhaps something actually relevant to politics. Better yet, since you are so confident in Andy’s abilities, encourage him to actually debate Jonathan instead of hiding behind his team and computer.

  • joe

    Wow, lowercase lee, you certainly are a low information voter. Stickland is a big boy and should be able to explain why he wrote that his school district “sucks and my family will never use” it. Also, why is he hiding behind his advisor — just tell us why it is “bullshit” to pay for a school district (a highly-rated one) that provides our economy with the workers it needs to succeed.