Rep. Stefani Carter Claims To Have Had ‘Terrible Accident’ That Nearly Killed Her

A few details would be nice. Or even one detail.

A couple weeks ago, we had a look at some curious resolutions that Rep. Stefani Carter got through the House. It appears that she twice officially commended her boyfriend for his hard work on her campaign (work he was paid for, by the way). Now we’ve got the video below, taken last week at a District 102 candidate forum. In the short clip, Carter says the following in her introductory remarks:

“I, Stefani Carter, your current state representative, have had two life-altering events. One is, I had a terrible accident. I could have died. And the other is, my baby sister today, a couple of hours ago, had her first child, Ethan. And both of these things have caused me to ask, again, What is the purpose of life? Do you love what you do? That moment of truth when you feel like your life could come to an end. You ask those questions of yourself. I know that our colleague here, Sam Brown, understands that. I will tell you that I have come away again saying that I do love the Legislature. And I love serving as your conservative voice in House District 102.”

That was it. She offered no further details on this terrible accident that nearly killed her and caused her to reassess her political career and decide to seek reelection. Recall, too, that in October she told the Morning News that she decided to drop out of the race for railroad commissioner and run for her House seat again because people had expressed concern over the slate of candidates. So when did this life-threatening accident happen? What sort of accident was it? I called and emailed Carter to get some of these details. She has not responded.

When she mentioned Sam Brown, she also gestured toward him. In 2008, Brown was blown up by an IED in Afghanistan. He suffered burns on 30 percent of his body and went through a hellish recovery process. He has gotten some attention for the ordeal. GQ published a 7,500-word story about him in 2012, and I tossed in a few words of my own about Brown and the District 102 race in December.

If Carter is going to compare her life-changing accident to Brown’s bomb attack, if she’s going to mention the accident in her campaign speeches, then she needs to tell the full story. I’d like to hear it.

Watch Stefani Carter talk about her terrible accident.


  • Chris Chris

    Yes, but does she like her gig? I the, that wasn’t the question. Does she like her job?

  • Gordon

    Wonder why she didn’t mention this accident in her first election…I guess at the time she was too busy claiming to be a fellow at the Heritage Foundation when she was just an intern.

    • Forney

      I love democrats like you.

  • Wylie H Dallas

    Maybe someone should ask her more about it…. it sounds terrible. Her life “could have come to an end.”

  • VMan

    She really hates you at this point.

  • JLJ

    Maybe she accidentally swallowed water that went down the wrong pipe? That can feel like you’re about to die!

    • Forney


  • Anonymous

    I like Stefani’s politics, but I’m beginning to think she may have some issues. She seems to create a lot of drama.

    • Riii-chaaard!

      Whether it’s her politics or making a premature and ill-fated attempt at the Railroad Commissioner’s job, I’ve always believed Stefani is more in-tune with her ambitions than her constituency’s needs. This is her Achilles’s Heal and I’m not sure she the self-awareness to correct the flaw.

      On the bright side, her pending loss will lead to a long-term break in politics where she can regroup and reflect on her personal needs.

  • RAB

    I had a paper-cut once that was a doozy! Changed the way I handled paper from that point on. In that respect, you could say it was life-altering.

  • PRL

    Every time that photo runs on Frontburner, her expression makes me pause in wonderment. What was going on at that exact moment that caused her to make that expression. I figured it out today….she farted, tried to hold it in, but it escaped, and she is about to bust out laughing.

    • PR1

      If she did pass gas. Michael Quinn Sullivan would find a way to blame it on Speaker Straus.

  • Robert

    This is such a silly story. I commend you for your unvarying admiration of Brown.

    I guess who can’t feel sorry for the poor guy? :-(.

    • pr1

      And Kris Butler decides to respond.

  • MSmilovits

    I used to think Stefani was a good candidate, but she’s showing more and more that she’s worried that she cannot match up to Mr. Brown. Such a pathetic attempt to remain competitive. She should have thought this one through…. I’m becoming more and more a Sam Brown supporter every day.

    • Forney

      Hi, Sam’s politics consultant. Good work!

  • Drummer boy

    I don’t know about yall but I like my chicken extra crispy

    All joking aside we should be thankful for all vets including John Kerry and George Bush. Well maybe not W

    • Forney

      I hope Sam isn’t as racist as you!

  • Forney

    Seems like you all obviously like Sam which is fine. We all feel for the poor kid. But this is a pointless story about someone who had a bad accident who mentioned it in a speech. Who cares. If anything I feel sorry for Stephanie now too. Ever heard of real news or real journalism? You’ll never hope to win a Pulitzer Prize, huh?

    • pr1

      Forney, you obviously know Stef. What is this accident that Stef brought up during the debate? It must have been very serious because she said Sam would be able to relate to it.

      So, what is the accident? What hospital did she go to? What was the date? Where did it happen?

  • Forney

    I agree with this comment. Silly, silly, silly.

  • Forney

    Amen! Tim needs to get a life!

  • Forney

    Go Sam supporter! Did you just move into district 106 too?

  • pr1

    Hmmmm…. you do know that Stef had lived in this district only a few months before the first time she ran, right?

  • Wylie H Dallas

    Indeed! Looking for hearing more details about this tragic episode in Stefani’s life.