Leading Off (1/9/14)

City manager finalists! Texas Stadium news! And lazy journalism!

City Manager Finalists Named. Milton Dohoney Jr., you were too beautiful for this world. The finalists are interim city manager/1980s Hubie Brown impersonator A.C. Gonzalez, Oakland city administrator/overrated guitarist Deanna Santana, and David Cooke, a former county manager and handshake connoisseur from Raleigh, North Carolina. BORING.

Irving Plans New Project For Texas Stadium Site. It’s kind of weird. The project is a 1/8th-scale version of Texas Stadium that will stage a year-round, 24-hour-a-day tribute to a regular-season Cowboys game from 1985. OK, fine. It’s a mixed-use deal that will probably have some generically pleasant name like Magnolia Glen. BORING.

Chief David Brown Accused of Violating Social Media Policy By Two People So, Sure, Let’s Make That a Story. One is a lawyer with an obvious ax to grind and the other is a veteran officer who won’t use his name because he fears repercussions and also, I’m just guessing, he runs one of the police unions and also has an obvious ax to grind. BORING.


  • Keith

    It’s a shame that Rodman blew his chance at the city manager gig with that last CNN interview.