Leading Off (1/7/14)

Yet More Turmoil at Deion’s Prime Prep. Ten people were fired, and two resigned. And more cuts are possible today, as the charter school co-founded by Deion Sanders is under investigation by the TEA. The new superintendent of the school, Ron Price, said, “We were too darn top-heavy as an institution. Prime Prep will no longer be known as the financial lottery ticket for those who don’t understand how to educate children.” When Ron Price is your cleanup man, that’s when you know you’re in trouble. Remember him?

17 Dallas County Flu Deaths So Far. For the first time, Dallas County is tracking adult flu deaths. We’re at 17 so far, with no pediatric deaths. The county reported 378 flu-related hospitalizations. Officials are warning people about elevated flu activity in the coming weeks. It’s not too late to get a flu shot. That right there is news you can use.

Cold Snap To Test Power Grid Again. Yesterday we narrowly avoided rolling blackouts. Me, I’ve got my thermostat turned up to 80, and I’m writing this post from my hot shower, where I’m using two hair dryers (one for my beard, the other for my nether turf). But you, you should watch how much electricity you use this morning.


  • Edward

    I was beginning to wonder if anyone was going to point out that having Ron Price as your financial conscious was ridiculous. He probably had to get rid of the staff in order to move the money to cover his cell phone bill.