Leading Off (1/29/14)

Cowboys hire new coach; Teen who fell from sky is alive; Fiancee charged with 2-year-old's murder

Cowboys Hire New Coach. For the third consecutive season, the Cowboys have a new offensive play-caller (Scott Lineham) and defensive coordinator. I’m not really sure what that all means. So you’ll have to read this to figure out if it’s good or bad.

Teen Who Fell 3,500 Feet From the Sky Is Still Alive. Joshua’s Makenzie Wethington, 16, went skydiving on Saturday with her dad. She jumped solo, and when it was time for her to pull the parachute, something went wrong. It never fully opened. Wethington is now in a hospital in Oklahoma (near where she jumped), alive and recovering. The skydiving company, Pegasus Air Sports Center, says there was nothing wrong with Wethington’s parachute.

Fiancée Charged in 2-Year-Old’s Murder.  On January 9, Melinda Lynn Muniz said someone broke into her apartment, sexually assaulted her, and killed 2-year-old Grace. Muniz’s story just didn’t add up. Yesterday, police arrested Muniz and charged her with capital murder.


  • Pedant

    It’s spelled “‘chute,” not “shoot.” It’s short for parachute.