Leading Off (1/21/14)

It is Tuesday. Enjoy it.

Fraternal Order of Police Not Hot on A.C. Really, I just wanted to write that headline. But yeah. Some cops have made public their unhappiness about the presumed next city manager, A.C. Gonzalez. Council will vote today.

Josh Brent Trial Goes to Jury. Closing arguments will be heard today in Brent’s intoxication manslaughter trial. Then the jury goes to work.

Dallas Might Become More Hospitable to Breweries, Wineries. The way things currently stand, a business that makes alcoholic beverages can’t be any closer than 1,000 feet to a school or church. The City Council will vote on whether “daddy juice” producers can apply for an exception to that rule.

Wendy Davis Tries To Get Her Story Straight. Yes, this is a Fort Worth story. But listen. It involves the following passage from the DMN: “[A]nother potential question about Davis’ past comes from the Facebook page of her mother, Ginger Cornstubble, which references attending Muleshoe High School in West Texas. That contradicts a 2012 suggestion by Davis that her mother had just a sixth grade education.” You’ll forgive me for wandering a bit far afield to bring you news about a woman named Ginger Cornstubble who attended Muleshoe High. I mean, if Davis wants our sympathy, who cares which grade her mother completed? She should be saying, “I was a single mother living in a trailer. And, as if that wasn’t bad enough, my mother’s name is Ginger Cornstubble!”


  • DanKollerPeople

    Thank you for highlighting what I thought was the most attention-worthy aspect of Davis’ bio.

  • Mike

    Wendy Davis is an example of what happens when people go for a politician based purely on emotion.

  • Monte Malone

    Politicians of any stripe simply cannot overcome their innate nature to obfuscate and lie. It’s part of the DNA coding that creates politicians.

  • Avid Reader

    Thought there would be more of a full throated defense of Wendy Davis after all the previous cheerleading posts.

  • Tim Rogers

    I’m going to have to ask you for a citation there, pal. “Previous cheerleading posts”?

  • Avid Reader

    Type “Wendy Davis” into the search bar the top of the page, plenty to choose from, but here is a good one to start you off…

  • Zac Crain

    Besides for the post you mentioned, it seems you have an extremely elastic definition of “cheerleading posts.”

  • Avid Reader

    Sure, that’s a possibility. Also a possibility that you have a very narrow definition of “cheerleading posts”. Would be happy to look over posts that you could point me to that involve a conservative politician that are as “objective” as the Wendy Davis ones. That said, we both agree that there is at least one post that is full blown cheerleading and my comment stands.

  • Tim Rogers

    You’re not going to hold us responsible for a post on blog we have no control over that supported a publication that no longer exists, are you? That was on the D Moms blog, not FrontBurner.

  • Avid Reader

    No. I will not hold you and or Frontburner accountable for a post on a blog you have no control over. I had no idea that blog even existed or ceased to exist, sorry about that. Simply typed in the term to the search bar at the top of Frontburner and that happened to pop up close to the top. I admire the sidestep attempt at ignoring the other posts that search would bring up, well played. Somewhat agree with Zac that I used the term cheerleading loosely, maybe should have used a less contentious word with objective journalists; but again, compare the content/tone of the WD posts verse conservative politician related posts.