Leading Off (1/16/14)

Josh Brent intoxication manslaughter trial, David Dewhurst's future, and the story of an American hero

Toxicologist Estimates Former Cowboy Josh Brent Had 17 Drinks In His System. That goes against what Brent told officers the night he crashed his Mercedes and killed teammate Jerry Brown. He said he’d had fewer than five. Brent also said he had been driving 70 miles per hour in a 45 mph zone. Investigators say it was more like 110.

David Dewhurst Only Plans One More Term As Lieutenant Governor If He Wins. I’d say “if” is the key word in that sentence. But at least he’s being honest about why he’s ready to be done: he needs money.

Frisco Man On Trial For Warning Drivers About Speed Traps. Ron Martin was pinched for holding up a sign that said “Police Ahead,” foiling the Frisco PD’s speed trap. Is he guilty? Maybe. Probably. But is he a hero? YES.


  • D. Shapiro

    Good to see Zac trolling Tim Rogers this morning.