Leading Off (1/15/14)

Hospital Battle Heats Up; Kindergartner Says She Was Sexually Assaulted; Lawyers Release Deposition on Texas Giant Fall

Husband Sues Hospital. By now, you know the story of Erick Munoz, whose pregnant wife, it appears, has been declared brain dead. The hospital has said that because of a Texas law, it is keeping Munoz’s wife alive with machines until she comes to term. Her family sued Tuesday to have her body released. “To further conduct surgical procedures on a deceased body is nothing short of outrageous,” the suit says.

Kindergartner Says She Was Assaulted. A kindergartner told her mom that two boys (one in her class and one a bit older) sexually assaulted her and other girls in a bathroom at Santa Fe Elementary School. It’s believed the boys are both under the age of 10, therefore the investigation has been closed by police. The suspects won’t face criminal charges because of their ages. The incident is being reported by Child Protective Services.

Details Emerge About Night of Woman’s Death on Texas Giant. Lawyers for the family of Rosa Esparza, the woman who died after falling during a ride on the Texas Giant in July, has filed a deposition in court. It appears that the lawyers have deposed the ride attendant and ride operator of the Texas Giant that night. And it looks like they don’t agree on what happened.