Leading Off (1/14/14)

Plano City Council Votes To Allow Food Truck Parks. Favorite sentence from the DMN story: “Monday’s decision is the third time in just over a year that the city has loosened food regulations that vendors had argued were too onerous.” First, I like all the “o”s. I enjoy the loosening of food regulations that are too onerous. But also: “too onerous”? I don’t know. The “too” seems like one “too” too many. And then, finally: when Plano jumps aboard the food-truck-park bandwagon, is that when you know the trend has played itself out? Somewhere in Los Angeles, someone is saying, “Well, eff me. Sell the truck.”

Black Rhino Hunt Auction Controversy Rages on and Probably Will Not Stop Until Ronnie the Rhino Is Gunned Down. The Daily Mail has a pretty balanced story with lots of photos of the purported auction winner, Corey Knowlton. Culture Map has a decidedly less balanced take but more info, including speculation that Knowlton, a Royce City native, didn’t win the auction himself but had a backer, perhaps — [dramatic sound effect] — Ross Perot Jr.

Fort Worth Cops: “Don’t Cycle on the West 7th Street Bridge Arches.” I posted a video yesterday of a pro BMX rider doing something that seemed insane. Channel 8 has the same video. And some photos that show the stunt from different angles and make me reconsider how insane it really was. I think I could do it (if I weren’t afraid of heights). But I won’t. Know why? Because Fort Worth cops aren’t impressed. (Bonus: watch how hard Ron Corning tries to stay safe and warn kids away from copy-catting the stunt while interviewing the BMXer).

One-Handed Kid Wins Super Bowl Tickets. Oh, hell. Getting dusty in here. Need to wrap up Leading Off. Tyler Sampson is a Frisco middle schooler. He was born with 50 percent fewer hands than normal. Didn’t stop him from playing football. Now he’s headed to the Super Bowl, courtesy of the NFL.


  • Bill Simpson

    On behalf of all suburban residents, bite me.

  • Richard

    So glad that you resisted the urge to join in that unfounded speculation.