Leading Off (1/13/14)

Flu Vaccines, Crime Stats, Rhino Hunting and Southwest's Landing Mishap

People Are Scrambling For the Flu Vaccine. The death count is up to 26 in Dallas County, though no one can say whether that’s particularly high because it’s the first year that adult deaths have been recorded (Does anyone else find this odd?). But what medical professionals can note is that flu symptoms are particularly vicious this year. This year’s strand? H1N1, also known as the swine flu. People who have yet to contract this beast were frantically hitting up local pharmacies this weekend for the vaccine, but hundreds were turned away. The good news is stock should return to many of said pharmacies and clinics early this week. And take it from me, you don’t want this flu. It’s as terrible as they claim. Get a shot.

Dallas Police: Crime is Down for 10th Consecutive Year. The Dallas Police Department is excited. They even made a sweet video to celebrate. The only issue is that the way crimes are reported has changed considerably, so the statistics they’re touting are rather inflated. Oh, and reported sexual assaults actually increased 13 percent in 2013. But Chief David Brown says that’s positive because that means people are reporting the crimes. Still, overall, people feel safer, according to this Dallas Morning News report. And there has certainly been a turnaround in the city over the past decade. So that’s pretty positive.

Someone Paid $350,000 For the Opportunity to Kill a Black Rhino. The Dallas Safari Club isn’t releasing the name of the person who bought the hunting permit Saturday evening, but the permit has been sold, and for a figure significantly less than the club had predicted. Some said the permit could have gone for as much as $1 million, but negative publicity surrounding the auction and the 40 or so protesters could have hurt that goal. The money raised will go toward conservation efforts of the endangered species.

Neiman’s Got Hacked. It looks like Target wasn’t alone. Over the holiday season, Neiman Marcus also fell victim to a cybersecurity attack, though the luxury retailer has yet to say how many customers and cardholders were affected.

While You Were Watching the Golden Globes, Southwest Airlines Landed a Dallas-Bound Plane at the Wrong Airport. Who knew there were two airports in Branson, Missouri?


  • Matt

    I wonder if any of those 26 people received the flu vaccine.

    • Dubious Brother

      Since the flu vaccine is concocted a year ahead of time, I wonder if H1N1 is even included in this year’s version. It seems the flu scare stories come when they haven’t sold all the flu shots and end when the last dose is off the shelf.

  • Victor

    I am looking forward to Tim Roger’s reaction to Matthew’s Haag’s article yesterday on Hexter Elementary School parents. They are choosing not to enroll the children in DISD middle schools because of the academic issues.

  • Cristina Daglas

    A KERA report this morning said the vaccine is working this year, and they were talking about it in direct reference to H1N1. So it looks like a good idea to get the shot.