Kidd Kraddick in the Morning Is Talking Trash

They don't know what they're talking about when it comes to the D Magazine Best Doctors list.

No, Jenna of "Kidd Kraddick in the Morning," this baby didn't buy his way onto the Best Doctors list either.
No, Jenna of “Kidd Kraddick in the Morning,” this baby didn’t buy his way onto the Best Doctors list either.

My radio dial has been stuck on 106.1 FM since high school. I’ve been listening to Kidd Kraddick in the Morning since I received the keys to my first car. I listen every morning. Yes, it is different without Kidd, but Kelly, Big Al, J-Si, and Jenna, still make me feel like I’m back in my hand-me-down car; windows are down, bass up, volume set to 10 (that’s loud in my car) pulling into the parking lot filled with Escalades and Mercedes at my high school.

In reality though, I was listening to the show on my way to D Magazine Headquarters. I took on the job as the research editor back in July. Any D Best project we have falls into my lap (i.e. Best Doctors, Best Lawyers, do I need to go on?)

This morning Psycho Shannon was on talking about her recovery process after doctors found a brain tumor back in November. Sad stuff. Shannon went on to talk about the serious stuff, like her hot doctor (they’re just friends though, because Shannon is gay. Yes, Kelly asked if she was still gay since the brain tumor).

Shannon talked about how great her hot doctor was, mentioning that he was on some “best” list in some Dallas magazine. My head turned to my passenger seat like the imaginary person in the seat next to me knew that Kidd Kraddick in the Morning just indirectly talked about me on the radio. (Well, my job at least).

Then it happened. Jenna said, and I quote (OK, paraphrase. 8 a.m. was awhile ago), “Actually the doctors pay to be on that list, so that doesn’t necessarily mean he is the best, but yeah.” She even said it again, assuring Shannon that yes, they do pay to be on the list. I couldn’t believe it. Thanks Jenna! Your job isn’t real either! I heard Jenna is actually just a computerized voice and isn’t actually a real person.

You’d think that if these people actually pay to be on the list I would drive a nicer car and not live with my parents still. I mean, right? And also, what would I do at work all day if this list were just comprised of people who pay to be on it? I must just stare at all the money in my bank account.

Well, here’s the punch line: I don’t. I actually do my job, and I take it seriously. My task is to legitimately and ethically produce a list of the best doctors in Dallas. We use a peer-review voting process. We rely on the doctors’ expertise to determine who deserves to be on the list. Once the voting period is over, we send the results to an outside research firm to tally the votes. We then present the tallied list to an anonymous panel of esteemed physicians. The panel and D staff reviews the results and decides on the finalists based on the number of votes in each category. After the list is finalized, I make sure that each doctor’s Texas medical license status is in good standing, and I investigate his or her disciplinary status. Once the list is finalized, it is handed off to the sales department. They invite the winning doctors to purchase advertisement profiles in the magazine. These are labeled as “paid advertising.” Whether a doctor buys an ad or not has no bearing on the list.

If you skipped over that last paragraph, I will summarize. You cannot pay to be on the Best Doctors list. These doctors earn their way on the list. And hey, obviously they aren’t bad either. I’m happy to see Psycho Shannon is doing better.

Gotta go back to counting my money (er, I mean doing my job).


  • Avid Reader

    What percentage of the doctors that made the list purchase an advertisement profiles?

    • Lauren DeLozier

      Of the 821 doctors that made the 2013 Best Doctors list, 333 chose to purchase an advertisement profile (that’s about 40%).

  • Holli Metz

    You get em girl!! Proud of you and all you’ve accomplished!

  • reader

    You don’t pay to be on the list, but you do pay for the advertising that comes with it. I have a feeling that is what she meant by it. You would have a hard time recognizing anyone on the list if they didn’t pat for the advertising that came with it.
    I don’t think this is worthy of a story or making her out to be some one she is not. She is incredibly talented at her job.

  • Listener

    It’s sad they would say something so false after the tribute to Kidd in the January issue. After all, don’t they say half of the things they do to get listeners and advertisers for the station? It’s called business.

  • TLS

    Your ireful statement on the process of choosing the “Best Of” is duly noted. But the annual lists have always solicited questions on the legitimacy of the rankings. So a better use of time, instead of the thrice annual justification as to how the best doctors and lawyers and realtors list is compiled, is to review why many of us think it is a sham. It looks like paid advertising. So fix that. FIX THAT! Don’t lecture a radio personality or anyone else when the perception of your lists is all on you.

  • jmckee

    The doctors pay to be on that list regardless if it is to D Magazine.

    “The panel and D staff reviews the results and decides on the finalists based on the number of votes in each category.”

    I’m sorry, what does the D Magazine staff’s expertise on comprehensive medical care?

    I mean, really, it’s fine, believe me, I get it and it completely has it’s place but I am honestly a bit surprised at how earnestly you are defending a system not based on outcome, financial prudence, or cost but which are the most socially connected doctors while maintaining you are not financially benefiting from it. D is an upper-class targeted publication, which again is fine, but are you really rating the best doctors in Dallas or most hospitable doctors to those better off socially and financially? By recommending those doctors does D Magazine and not you benefit financially?

  • truth speaker

    Of course they pay to be on the list. And they pay to lobby their piers to vote them onto the list. It is all bogus. Not unlink your job.

    • BradfordPearson

      Keep speaking the barely literate truth.

    • Brett Moore

      I know have a mental image of a doctor visiting Seaside Heights, NJ, and pleading with the piers to vote him onto the best doctors list. Followed shortly after by Lauren deciding to not remove the hotlink in her email signature. Thank you for the insight.

  • really?

    Calm down now. Saying they pay to be on the list isn’t saying that you don’t do your job. Nobody looks at the list, they look at the pictures. They pay for the pictures.

    If you want it to be more legit, stop selling the ads completely.

    And nobody said they pay YOU to be on the list – so with or without the ads, you’ll still live with you parents and drive a crappy car.

    • Ropholous

      Telling them to stop having ads completely is just dumb. It’s a business.

  • vseslav botkin

    Reading this post had to make Tim’s eye twitch.

    • Tim Rogers

      I’m sure I have no idea what you’re talking about. But yes.

  • CaptFantastic

    While Jenna’s statement is the perception in Dallas (and we all know what perceptions really are), every time I see her face I’m reminded that she herself is a largely talentless hot-bod..

    The daughter of a very high level Clear Channel exec (Tom Owens) who was unemployed and being pushed around the CC building several years ago trying to find a place for her to fit in – despite the fact she couldn’t really do anything…. Then, everyone got a big laugh when Kid (famous for his eye towards the hot-bods) conveniently found a place for her ON THE AIR!!!

    Kudos to Jenna for making something out of nothing. Of course, all of this about her is merely perception, but we all know what perceptions really are…

    • Chris Chris

      This answers so many questions. Actually, it just answers one. But thanks.

  • Anonymous

    I think that morning show is terrible. I have since high school. I know many people listen to it nostalgically but… you get more value out of turning the radio off.

  • vseslav botkin

    Grammar and style.

  • Tim Rogers

    Still have no idea what you’re talking about. At all.

  • Chris

    getting my popcorn out. Every business owner in the DFW knows that if you don’t pay, your listing is a font size of 2, and listed somewhere between the chiropractor ads.

  • Lauren DeLozier

    This FrontBurner post is a small step to help fix the public perception that it is pay-to-play. Unfortunately I don’t have a radio station to broadcast it.

  • RAB

    How did you guess I skipped over the last paragraph? Can you guess which other ones I skipped over?

  • Tom

    Her name is spelled Shanon.

  • Ted

    It depends on what the meaning of the word “best”‘ is. If the–if he–if “best” means best and never has been not best, that is not–that is one thing.

  • Avid Reader

    Thanks for the info Lauren.

  • Randy McCluer

    Thank you, Brett, for making my day.

  • Harley Crimson

    Perhaps you should expand your radio horizon so you could add more to this blog. If you are listening daily to someone who thinks one can turn Heterosexual by getting a brain tumor is a bit disheartening.

    That said, D Magazine is nothing but a advertisements and poorly written articles that are aimed at the wealthy right wing segment of Dallas. That is all Simple as that. It is almost impossible to go into any sort of business and NOT see a D Best Hot Dog Relish or some such nonsense. It is Marketing 101. Those that purchase ads are more likely to the BEST more often and with better placement. Others will simply be mentioned BUT will be given a Certificate (value 5 cents) for the proprietor to place in their store. Thus free advertising for the publication.
    Now here is the more important question. What are the actual Sales numbers for your publication. I am curious as to how it gets such a prominent placement in grocery stores around the city. I have never seen a person pick it up to scan or purchase one. I never see it in the businesses that display their Best of D Magazine AD.
    Does D Publications pay for space at the check out stand? How is that negotiated?

    • Melissa Chowning

      Well, since you asked, D Magazine is actually the #1 selling monthly magazine in the Dallas/Ft. Worth market. In some stores, D Magazine is actually more profitable than the top selling weekly publications (that have four issues to sell in a month vs. just one).

      Yes, we pay for the placement at the checkouts but we are only allowed to remain in those pockets if the product continues to sell.

  • Harley Crimson

    I admire the respect and admiration you are showing in your flowery verbiage. However, she just trashed an on air personality who is suffering with a brain tumor. Your questions couldn’t be more right on, but the reality is she has opened a can of worms that can never be closed. She is attempting to defend something that needs to be out in the open.

  • Harley Crimson

    Yes yes yes…….Let us go after and trash the woman with a brain tumor some more for speaking what most Dallasites seem to know. And hey, we should take it a step further by stating that she “couldn’t really do anything”. But hey that is your perception and we know what they are.

  • Harley Crimson

    Just wondering if you want to stick with this statement…..After the list is finalized, I make sure that each doctor’s Texas medical license status is in good standing, and I investigate his or her disciplinary status………

    That would mean you never would and never have given a Best of to a Doctor who has been disciplined or just that you have reviewed it?

  • Anonymous

    Learn to read before incessantly commenting. She isn’t talking about the woman with a brain tumor (Shanon), she’s talking about Jenna Owens.

  • katema

    It’s understandable and contains grains of truth about ‘buying you way’ onto those lists, or at least advertising. Relax, you’re good at what you do, you earn more than them, it was a miscommunication. If you know you’re a great doctor and are confident in that you would not have to disgrace yourself with petty little articles such as this.

  • Lauren DeLozier

    Please read carefully before opening your own can of worms. Shanon Murphy suffered from a brain tumor, not Jenna Owens.

  • Matt

    “They invite the winning doctors to purchase advertisement profiles in the magazine. These are labeled as “paid advertising.” Whether a doctor buys an ad or not has no bearing on the list.”

    What percentage of doctors that fail to purchase this advertising make another appearance on the best-of list in the future? I’m guessing 0%.

  • RICK


  • HoustonHorn

    As a physician that has been on the Houston equivalent of this list – it is severely biased. MDs in large group practices at the large hospitals tend to get an overwhelming number of votes.
    As someone already mentioned, the vetting process does not even look at outcomes or query the consumer.
    Just a lot of ego boosting among the medical clique. Sorry.

  • Eleanor

    I know writers on here get attacked a lot and that’s got to suck. I feel for you guys. But to be honest, I think you maybe could’ve read over this a bit more before deciding to post it. Doesn’t really make either you or Jenna look particularly flattering. But hey, going through that rigid process to find the “The Best” of anything seems incredibly daunting, so kudos to you. Keep your head up.

  • Cland

    So…. you’re a research editor, yet you didn’t research enough to get the spelling of the names of 2/3 of the castmembers you mentioned? Their names are Kellie Rasberry and “Psycho” Shanon Murphy. Yes, you clearly take your job VERY seriously.