Job Posting: CW33 Looking for Yautja With Final Cut Pro Experience

If you think you've got the skills needed to be a Preditor, read on


Are you a Hish who is also a unique storyteller who will “fit perfectly into an exciting concept expanding to Dallas”? In addition to a kill gland that sends you into a frenzied, murderous rampage, are you able to shoot daily assignments on a Sony EX3 and DSLR cameras? We know about your telltale shimmer and seamless adaptability to tropical jungles, but can you work nights and weekends as needed? Can you scream “GET TO THE CHOPPAHHH” and “I ain’t got time to bleed” all while operating an ENG/SNG truck? If you hear the phrase “if it bleeds,” do you simultaneously think “we can kill it” and “it leads”? Is your theme music something like this?

Then perhaps you’re the Preditor KDAF-TV is looking for! Apply here.

(Bonus points if you can figure out how that job title is, as stated in the job description, “short for producer, writer, and editor.”)


  • Chris Chris

    Or in other words, can you do the job that used to take at least 3 people but the bar that is acceptable in major market news is now so low that we’ll take anyone with a functioning brain and jr high vocabulary who looks presentable in HD?

    • VMan


  • Tim Rogers

    Call Chris Hansen.