How a Copy of D Magazine Got One Woman Through Airport Security

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A globetrotting FrontBurnervian sends along the following tale:

I’m in Puerto Rico for client event, and one guest lost her ID during a shopping trip in San Juan. She brought all sorts of paperwork (copy of passport, police report from San Juan police, etc.) to the airport in an effort to get on the plane. In security at the airport, they asked her if she had ANYTHING with her name and address printed on it. She pulled out her D Magazine, and they let her through.

If you subscribe, you, too, can breeze through airport security in San Juan. Twelve issues will set you back just $18.


  • Jackson

    This reminds me of the ‘80s when you only needed a ticket and they didn’t demand to see ID at check-in. I was traveling to Chicago using a nontransferable ticket that had been issued to a girlfriend, “Ms. Ashley So-and-so.” The woman at check-in noticed this and said, “It says Ms.” I looked embarrassed and explained softly, “I know, it happens to me all the time.” She smiled a look of pity. “I’ll fix it in the system right now.” I graciously thanked her. A bit later, in the bar for a pre-flight drink, I met some attendants deadheading to Chicago for a weekend party. “What’s your name?” one asked. “Ashley.” They ate it up. “Oooh, like “Gone With The Wind?” With a scotch in one hand I smoothly replied, “Yes, but all my friends just call me Ash.” God, I miss being that guy.