Ghosts of Dallas: Elm Street, 1949

Take a look down the road 65 years ago, before skyscrapers dominated downtown Dallas.


“Elm Street looking west with the H.L. Green store and Palace Theater in view,” January 1949.

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Original photo: From the collections of the Texas/Dallas History and Archives Division, Dallas Public Library

Photo: Leah Clausen

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  • Chris Chris

    That’s a purty cool little java script slide on the image you got goin’ there.

  • EYT

    Downtown Dallas was a better looking place before the commercial real estate vermin constructed all of these B- and C-class skyscrapers in the 60s through the present.

  • Tim Rogers

    I knew there was a reason I switched to Calvert.

  • David Burrows

    My grandfather was running security at H. L. Greens that year. Good times.. or, so I’ve been told.