DMN Editor Bob Mong Responds to Chief David Brown’s Profanity-Laden Tweet

Chief Brown is NOT going to forget.

Yes, Mong is pixelated.
Yes, Mong is pixelated.

Remember two days ago when we had a good giggle over that NSFW tweet from the chief of police? Short version: Chief David Brown threw out the words “cocksucker” and “asshole,” referring to an incident awhile back when reporter Tanya Eiserer used those words in reference to the chief. Today Jim Romenesko posts an email from the paper’s editor, Bob Mong, written to Brown. Here’s my summary of the note: “Are you serious? Come on. That was, like, two years ago. Tanya already apologized. You said you accepted her apology.” In this deal, Brown is the wife. He said he accepted the apology. He acted as if he was ready to move on. But Chief Brown is never going to forget.

Bob Mong, I feel for you, man.


  • RAB

    “To keep stoking a two-year-old remark doesn’t serve anyone’s interests.”

    That should be the go-to defense all indicted criminals should use when confronted with a wire-tapped conversation. Reinforce it by saying, “Plus I made the statement under my breath. It was inaudible. Let’s move on.”

  • Wylie H Dallas

    I’m not sure that what Tanya Eiserer did rose to the level of being subject to criminal prosecution… know what I mean?

  • RAB

    Uh, I was making fun of Bob Mong’s response. Kind of, you know, riffing on the joke that Tim started.