Dallas Near Top—Again—of Penske’s Annual ‘Top Moving Destination’ List

It's for the sun, right?

Over the last four years, Penske Truck Rental has produced an annual list of its top moving destinations in the United States. And while, once again, the Atlanta metro area remained No. 1, Dallas is right near the top as well.

Dallas-Fort Worth came in third this year, behind Atlanta and Tampa/Sarasota. The whole list, with last year’s ranking in parenthesis:

1. Atlanta (1)

2. Tampa, Fla./Sarasota, Fla. (new combined entry)

3. Dallas/Fort Worth (2)

4. Orlando, Fla. (4)

5. Phoenix (3)

6. Houston (6)

7. Seattle (8)

8. Chicago (5)

9. Denver (7)

10. Las Vegas (new)


  • Santiago Bastidas

    Thank you! for sharing an interesting post. Looking forward for more in future. It was worth reading

  • HJM

    That’s awesome! Why do you think people so many people are moving here? The growing gap b/w haves and have-nots? The over-dependence on parasitic and short sited business like construction and real estate? The growing water problem that will cause people to start leaving Sun Belt cities in the next 10-15 years?