D Magazine Needs a Copy Editor and Quick

Love finding grammatical errors? Have we got the job for you.

Want to join the D Magazine team? We have an immediate opening for a freelance copy editor. You’ll be tasked with finding all of our mistakes and fixing them before we go to press. Know the difference between gray and grey? Adviser and advisor? Towards and toward? Love the serial comma? No? Okay, can you learn to love the serial comma? Wonderful. Here are the details:

The copy editor is responsible for reading each editorial page in the magazine several times, from manuscript to final proofing. Editing at home is required throughout the month, but during the 10 days of ship (generally the last week and a half of the month), some in-office editing is required. The ideal candidate will have a flexible schedule, 2 years experience, intimate knowledge of AP style, a love of Garner’s Modern American Usage, and the ability to catch a homophone a mile away. On average, the commitment totals around 20 hours per month.

Send cover letter and resume to [email protected]. Please include “Copy Editor Application” in the subject line.


  • Kristen Fife

    If you are requiring the position to be in the office, it helps if you put a *location* on the job posting.

    • Zac Crain

      Take your mouse. Scroll down. I think you can also use your space bar on some keyboards. Our address is right down there.

  • The Grammar Belle

    Could I convince y’all to start putting the requisite final “s” on “Dallas’s” and “Texas’s”? If so, I’m in.

  • Suz

    Hey, ZZ Top. The batteries in my mouse stopped working, so I can’t scroll down. Any ideas?

  • Dan Koller

    From the Associated Press Stylebook section on the use of apostrophes:

    SINGULAR PROPER NAMES ENDING IN S: Use only an apostrophe: Achilles’ heel, Agnes’ book, Ceres’ rites, Descartes’ theories …

  • CSP

    I know what a Copy Editor does, but what’s a Quick?

  • RAB

    Note to potential freelance copy editor: AP style recommends spelling out numbers to nine and using numerals thereafter. (https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/735/02/) In other words, had you copy-edited Cristina’s post, you would have changed “2” to “two.”

  • Jackson

    I don’t hate the serial comma, but generally speaking one shouldn’t use it before “and” or “or” in a series. Thus: The snow stalled cars, buses and trains. Much cleaner.

    I’ve always been more William Shawn than Harold Ross.

  • Zac Crain

    The space bar thing I mentioned, or arrow keys. In a pinch, you can also google D Magazine. I assume you also aren’t interested in the job.

  • btc

    I’m fairly certain that grey and gray are different spellings of the same word. Am I wrong? Is there really a difference? Please advise because they are both my favorite color. And I hate the Counting Crows.

  • Maria Miller

    I’ve been a teacher for 13 years for 3rd through 12th grade and can decipher and correct manuscripts in crayon, typed written essays without punctuation or spaces AND can do this all on my thirty minute lunch break! Am I hired?

  • Maria Miller

    P.S. The seriel comma is also called the Oxford comma popularized by the song “Oxford Comma” by Vampire Weekend.

  • The Grammar Belle

    I’ve never liked that damn AP Stylebook. I guess my Gregg Reference Manual and I aren’t quite suited for the job.

  • b.j.

    Would you consider someone who is willing to learn, very hard working, and not afraid of gray hair?

    • RAB

      No, because your sentence isn’t clear. There’s no gray hair to be seen in D Magazine’s galactic headquarters. Therefore, whether you’re afraid of gray hair or not is not relevant to the job. Are you saying that D shouldn’t be afraid of gray hair? If so, they are, so ta ta.

  • The Grammar Belle

    My beloved Gregg manual says that for numbers that signify measurements or statistics, especially those needing emphasis or quick comprehension, you should use the figure instead of the word. (I’m enjoying this FrontBurner post more than I ought to.)

  • Zac Crain

    Cleaner, perhaps, but can lead to more confusion.


  • Nancy Nichols

    What is a homophone? (See the problem, folks.)

    • Monte Malone

      It’s what older gay guys use to call each other.
      The young ones text.

  • RAB

    Zac and I don’t always agree, but when we do, it’s over the serial comma.

  • Katie

    I’ve always heard it this way…

    England= grey

    America with an “a”, England with an “e”.

  • TheGuy

    You had me at “D Magazine Needs.”

  • Lisa

    The Copy Editor position — to read each page in the monthly periodical several times from proof to press — only requires 20 hours a month?
    Most of the copy editing positions I have held for monthly publications have been at least 20 hours a week.

    • Zac Crain

      We’re efficient.

  • JMM

    I would love to join the D Magazine team! I’m famous for finding all the mistakes of other’s written or spoken words. I do know the differences of the given words. I do have flexibility in my schedule. I have 5 years experience editing my previous supervisor’s writings. I just had to “Google” “AP style” and “Garner’s Modern American Usage.” Would it be worth it to apply or would it be a waste of your time?

  • TT Buoy

    Hey, Dan Haggerty. I have a condition called “hot dog fingers” (long story), so it is very hard for me to type much less use a computer. Any ideas on how to get the address?

  • TT Buoy

    It would be more worth it to work on your comedy stylings.

  • jrp

    ready, willing and able
    i will send cover letter and resume tonight
    you will hire me tomorrow
    i start day after tomorrow

  • Monte Malone

    I’m sorry, not hired.


  • Lisa

    I can appreciate that, Zac. Thanks.
    It just seemed to me a thorough editing process would need to be more than an average of five hours a week.
    I better step up my game before sending in my resume, then.

  • Anthony Parker

    Evening “D”,

    How about making 2014 my year…any other positions available?

    [email protected]

  • cabbage face

    I can only type with my pen-is that ok?

  • Maria Miller

    Dang! That was autocorrect, I swear!

  • RAB

    Lisa, who said anything about “thorough”? Zac said “efficient.”

  • Jackson

    I did preface my chosen standard with “generally speaking.” Obviously, exceptions for possible “confusion” in a given locution may arise. That’s probably a sentence that needs to be restructured, anyway.

  • Zac Crain

    It also happens all within about the span of a week or two.