BREAKING: Craig Watkins Is Not Short on Swagger

The man isn't afraid to make a bold prediction.

Watkins gets a trim.

In an Associated Press story that came out today, District Attorney Craig Watkins says the following: “To be realistic, this may be a 30-, 40-year career for me here as Dallas County D.A. I thoroughly enjoy what I do, and I think once we get through this election cycle, then the politics of it all will settle down.” Mind you, that’s just being realistic. If you want to get optimistic, let your imagination take you where it may, then we’re talking an 80- or 90-year career as Dallas County D.A. Also, if Watkins had a month to train, really get himself in shape, cut back on the sauce, he could start at tight end for the Seahawks. Okay, maybe not start. But a solid backup for sure. He’d contribute.