Brawl Erupts At Kid’s Birthday Pizza Party

Have you seen this yet? You may have seen this.

This is why I refrain from 1) going to Burleson, 2) going to Peter Piper Pizza, and 3) going to kids’ birthday parties. This video is definitely missing someone yelling “WORLD STAR! WORLD STAR!”


  • critic

    Surely someone had an Obama cellphone to call 911

    • Zac Crain

      Hey, great comment! You forgot to make any sense, though.

  • Brett Moore

    It makes more sense if you realize Glenn forgot to log into his work account.

  • RAB

    It’s possible that he meant that an “Obama cellphone,” like the Obamacare website, wouldn’t work or would put the caller on endless hold; therefore, 911 would never be reached and the brawl would continue unabated. Or maybe I’m giving critic too much credit.

  • Zac Crain

    Too much credit.