A.C. Gonzalez Will Be Our Next City Manager

So much for picking an outside candidate.

No, this is not Hubie Brown.

Eric is in the middle of a P90X workout and can’t get to a computer to put up a post. So he called me with his scoop. Well, scoopish. Because now I see that Scott Goldstein put up a post about 10 minutes ago saying the same thing. Anyway, multiple sources have told Eric that the vote tomorrow will go A.C. Gonzalez’s way.

In an executive session Friday, council members found themselves one vote short of picking Deanna Santana. Over the weekend, effort was made to get that one vote. When it became apparent that the vote was not to be had, the Santana supporters switched their votes to Gonzalez. So while tomorrow’s vote might go 13-2 or something like that, just know that it was actually much closer than that. Let the record reflect that Zac actually called this thing a week ago.


  • Zac Crain

    “OK, so you’re A.C. Gonzalez, and you’ve just been named interim city manager. It’s a job with tremendous upside. You’ve got some wildcards on the council, so it’s always going to be interesting. You’ve got Mike Rawlings, a mayor who used to work at Pizza Hut, so there’s always plenty of meat lover’s pizza hanging around. You’ve got Mary Suhm, so you’ve got about a year where you can blame anything on her. But you run into some trouble with Uber and Yellow Cab. You’ve got some people on the council looking to run you. Now, you’re A.C. Gonzalez. Are you worried? No, because you know that, when it comes down to it, if you can just keep boxing out, hustling for all the loose balls, making smart decisions on the offensive end, the game is going to turn your way.”

  • jmckee

    For me the Uber thing was just absolutely inexcusable and I don’t know why city council feels that A.C. Gonzalez is at all trustworthy.

  • Mavdog

    A very disappointing decision by the Council.

  • sherman

    It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a line employee be such a tool. I wonder how exactly those low end business owners that were blatantly protecting an undeserved advantage (read monopoly) at the public’s expense knew that AC was the guy to see? Not only was Gonzalez’s clandestine effort an affront to open government, it was always going to be a reviewable action, one that could be easily traced right back to him. So he’s stupid and unethical. This smells like another Gonzalez we survived but at great cost, anyone remember Yvonne?

  • Shread

    Let the record reflect that a lot of called thing a long time ago, Tim. Thanks for breaking the story, Action News Team!

  • Wylie H Dallas

    Sadly, there was never a remote chance of anyone else getting the position.

  • Tim Rogers

    Total burn on me.