The Most Searched Terms in Dallas for 2013

Who knew Dallasites were so interested in Adrian Peterson?

DMagazineJAN2014 coverGoogle has released a time suck of epic proportions, Zeitgeist 2013, which shows you the top 100 search terms for the year in a beautifully interactive site. You can slice up the data and dive into categories of searches and even look at the most popular search terms by city. Following is the Dallas list. Our January cover story is about No. 2. The magazine finds its way to mailboxes tomorrow and Thursday, then hits newsstands this weekend.

1. Paul Walker
2. Kidd Kraddick
3. Boston Marathon
4. Instagram
5. iPhone 5s
6. Mindy McCready
7. Government Shutdown
8. Adrian Peterson
9. Harlem Shake
10. Chris Kyle


  • Matt

    So did Knox Street turn into the next Rodeo Drive? Or what?

    • Tim Rogers

      As you likely know, we deal with long leads times in the monthly magazine business. We put the January issue to bed in late November. I am happy to report, however, that in the intervening time, yes, Knox did become Rodeo Drive.

  • jmckee

    Do we at least get a hint on the big secret? Is it salacious?

    • Tim Rogers

      No, I wouldn’t say salacious. If anything, you’ll think even more highly of the man (which is why it struck me as odd that our writer, Jamie Thompson, had to work so hard to uncover the secret).

  • Daniel

    What kind of rock star is Ted Cruz’s dad? Husky-voiced frontman, full of intensity and angst? Guitar-slingin’, coqrockin’ Everyman, pulling out the stops one more time if ain’t broke don’t fix it we always get a great audience in Texas? Introverted spiritual seeker with a poetic eye for detail and a heart so tender it really disgust a man to see? Stagecrafty people pleaser, prone to saccharine songsmithery and regrettable duets? Cosmopolitan pioneer of the world beat, declared an honorary foreigner in more than 100 dorm halls nationwide? Aimless jammer, dirty grinning soulful and smelly?

    I think we all know the answer is not “prog rocker.”

  • Izabela Wojcik

    Did I just read that correctly or are my eyes really this bad?

  • jmckee

    But salacious secrets are the best secrets!

  • Anonymous

    D Magazine proclaims the Father of Ted Cruz a rock star. This is the season when people of all ages come home to visit their family members, connect with old pals and then while waiting to check out at a local market will see this notification of Rockin’ Cruz on D in the check out line. Then proceed to phone the airline to check on an earlier departure.