The Cowboys-Bears Bet

The game is tonight. Let's do this.

As previously discussed, Cristina hails from the Windy City, where tonight the Cowboys will play the Bears. The FrontBurner Nation made some good suggestions for what she and I should wager on the game. But I think I’ve come up with the bet. We need something that will bring joy to all on FrontBurner, no matter the outcome of the game. I say the loser learns the fight song of the winning team and then has to busk in downtown Dallas, at Pegasus Plaza, on Main and Akard, during the lunch hour on a weekday. Said busking need not go longer than the duration of the fight song, but it must include a guitar and an overturned hat, for tips. The session will be posted to YouTube. Oh, one more thing, I haven’t bothered to ask the internet whether each team has an official fight song. If not, then the loser must write a fight song.

Well, Cristina? Do you accept?


  • Lew Patton

    Funny how Christina talks about the Windy City, but makes her money here in good ol Dallas. I say the good folks of Dallas pitch in and get her a plane ticket to O’Hare Airport and get her out of Dallas. Bring some one in that’s a Cowboys fan. Surely we have someone around here that can write. (looking around). Sucks to read about Chicago when all the readers live here.

    • Tim Rogers

      Lew, were you not hugged enough as a child? Not sure if you get out much, but A LOT of people who live in Dallas aren’t from here. Me included. I didn’t move here from California till 1976. This is a good thing. Net in-migration is a sign of a region’s vitality.

      Final point: Cristina wasn’t talking about the Windy City. I was.

  • Lew Patton

    Yes Tiny Tim, I was hugged just fine. Naturally you throw out an adverse argument under the guise of a friendly wager. You try to stir things up, then seem pissed when someone comments. Seems like I read in Leading Off, Christina was beating her chest about Da Bears first thing this morning, maybe you read that? Maybe you didn’t. Go Cowboys!

  • fake Fred Dryer

    Tim – are you more of a Pat Haden guy or Vince Ferragamo fan?

  • Tim Rogers

    I’m more of a Reggie Ho fan.

  • Tim Rogers

    While we’re waiting for Cristina to make her call, here are the fight songs of the two teams. Dallas:

    And Chicago:,_Chicago_Bears

  • Peter Kurilecz
  • Cristina Daglas

    This sounds terrible. I’m in.

  • Cristina Daglas

    Oh, Lew. I thought all you wonderful Frontburner readers could handle a little friendly competition. Sorry to offend.

  • Lew Patton

    Cristina, you didn’t offend, I was just back smacking talk at ya. Welcome to Dallas.

  • Jackson

    As a Cowboys fan of some lineage, I didn’t know that fight song. Both it and the corresponding Bears ditty are just awful, as are all fight songs. We’re better off not knowing them. (I do think it’s funny that Cowboys founder Clint Murchison once discovered that the Redskins fight song copyright had lapsed, so he legally claimed it and then dangled it over the head of their then-owner.)

  • fruitdog

    I’d substitute the Charlie Pride Dallas Cowboys song over that one listed above.

  • Duane

    Loser has to carry a garden gnome bearing the winner’s team jersey/color for a week. Meetings/bathroom/car…e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e. Winner may request a picture at any time. If loser doesn’t respond within 5 minutes…add a day. You can find Bears/Cowboys garden gnomes online and in pretty much any fan store.