• Dee Hirkham Scheer

    Amazing!!! Thank you omni. Supporting South Africa in this heart sore time. Viva mandela

  • RonieSue Ullrich

    We are the poorer….I moss you dearly Mr. Mandela. Thank you for all the work you accomplished.

  • RonieSue Ullrich

    I miss you already…thank you for all the work or South Africa and the world. Well…honestly…I cannot stop weeping.

  • RonieSue Ullrich

    I cannot stop weeping….we are the poorer. I love and miss you.

  • Jonathan Green


  • Tony Jones

    nice Dallas Omni

  • Maria

    YES. Proud to be a Texan.

  • Wayne

    Wow. Awesome

  • Rebecca

    Beautiful gesture.

  • angie

    Nice tribute to Nelson Mandela, Omni Dallas!!

  • jonDeaux

    So sad. He was awesome in “Green Mile”

  • Sherica Newson

    really? smh

  • Aminata Elijah

    You are joking right

  • luxelys

    Beautiful, Omni Dallas!
    LOL at your title, Frontburner!

  • Melissa Kleckner

    Wait, don’t you mean Shawshank? If you’re going to be an ass, at least get your movies straight.

  • Dpruitt

    Agreed. He bulked for that role.

  • Pedro Turner

    His best movie! When he had that tiny mouse as a friend. That was cool.

  • jonDeaux

    ooh I also liked all his “Grumpy Cat” memes. he just looks so grumpy. R.I.P. Mr. Mandingo.

  • jonDeaux

    He was so good asv”Grumpy Cat”. RIP Mr. Mandingo

  • Robb Conover

    wow ! that made m cry !

  • Diane Treider

    I’ll never bitch about that gaudy ass hotel again. Thank you, Dallas. Beautiful.

    • Justin Hensley

      Gaudy? More like gorgeous. I dont what youre talking about but that thing is raking in the dough

  • Scott Dowlearn

    I’m kind of disturbed at this. Not the fact that they did it, I think that’s awesome but the fact that this is the story. I mean them doing this has kind of overshadowed his death (as far as this “posting” goes.) I just think it’s kind of tacky for anyone to report and have the main point be hey look at what this hotel did to memorialize President Mandela. I mean they didn’t even state anything about the man. I wouldn’t be surprised if this lose was being taken advantage of for a very wrong and cheap shot to market the Omni hotel.

  • Kevin McCarthy


  • Daniel Harvey

    Nicely done!

  • Monique Thompson-Walker

    That was a beautiful tribute. Thank you Omni Hotel!

  • Tom Flaherty

    who cares, the guy was a terrorist; why do you think he was in prison to begin with? For killing innocent women & children, that’s why!!

  • akits

    Oh really? He was a terrorist for fighting against the oppression of millions of black South Africans including women and children? SMDH. please go and learn some history and stop posting senseless things.

  • Jeff Weissenberger

    It is amazing that you are able to use a computer…

  • Dave

    I guess now we know what the white supremacist view on this is.

  • Gail

    I mean, really? Scott…

  • Gail

    Well we know he doesn’t use it to read.

  • George Eddings


  • LaShaunda Ford

    Amazing. Good job Omni!

  • Michael Duvic


  • Alida Davis

    Tom, you need to google some history my friend….Im not gonna get ignorant w/you because that is not what Mr., President Mandela struggled for. He struggled for people like you to wake up…..WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ben Akpaka


  • Shannon Alexander

    Sure they will get some press for it but how many buildings can pull this off…I believe it was done in respect! I’m not for sure what you wanted them to report in the lights of the hotel…how many other businesses in downtown Dallas memorialized Mandela in less than 24 hours?

  • Lady

    If you knew the history behind his incarceration you would be shame of the statement you made…

  • Zelalem Hail

    I respect the respect, Omni….

  • Toccara Hyde

    The most beautiful thing I’ll ever see in this lifetime….. I was sad all day when I heard the news… but haven’t cried till now!!! This is why I LOVE Dallas!!!!!

  • Toccara Hyde

    take it for what it is Love come in all forms… Take it for what it is !!!! Love is hard to come by these days!

  • JtB
  • slessex

    Apparently there was a “status” race regarding his passing and The Omni won? Reminiscent of a local sporting team winning a national championship and in no way deserving of the life lived.

  • Jennifer Grimm

    thanks Dallas

  • Downtown Resident

    I believe it was done in respect. This is a republican state and they could catch flack for what they did. If you go to Fox News and look at the comments under the Mandela story there are nothing but negative comments about him. Dick Chaney voted to not allow Mandela go free.

    I live by the building and saw it go up for about 10 minutes and then they took it off. It came back about an hour or so later for much longer. I think they were testing it initially to see if they got any backlash before leaving it up.

  • Roberta Matthews

    What a miserable misinformed little person you are…I am south african..and still live in SA .. get your facts straight… do you know how many of our people was killed/imprisoned/, women and children at the hands of the apartheid government just because they were fighting for equality in their own country? If you have not lived The Struggle ..just SHUT THE HELL UP AND DON’T EVER EVER COMMENT ABOUT THIS AGAIN..

  • Roger Albert

    Jeezus, I´d hate to be that cynical. Thank god most aren´t so. YOU needed a hug from Mr. Mandela.

  • Roger Albert

    He was a terrorist like George Washington was. Fighting for his people, and afterwards, for his WHOLE country. Your ignorance, hate, and dismissiveness are the source of most of our problems. You are the opposite of the solution.

  • Roberta Matthews

    The Whole South African Majorettes team stayed there during their participation of the MA Dance International Championship in March 2013 where they palmed in over 30 trophies, one which was the Texas Star Award for Best Discplined team, so Thank you Omni for this beautifull gesture in memory of our beloved Tata Madiba..from all the Majorettes in South Africa

  • Schretta Stewart-Mays

    Great job Omni! I would like the backstory on who/how it was able to be done so quickly! Awesome job!

  • Downtown Resident

    Why didn’t you post my comment?

  • Jeremy Arnold

    I wasn’t aware that grieving was a competition.

  • Sarah Connor

    So. Much. Win.

  • Sarah Connor

    So. Much. Win.

  • Debbie Lyons

    Great job from s Omni Hotel worker in San Diego

  • hjm

    Nice sentiment by the omni paired with the worst and most tacky title for a news article I’ve ever seen. I would say D Mag is better than this, but I’d be lying.

  • Modesto Gilstrap Sr.

    Nice…first class memorial for a first class leader.

  • Hal Edwards

    You uneducated idiot, show your stupidity to the world

  • Barbara Eckert

    HOORAY and kudos Omni! We will miss this leader, he always stood for equality for all and hopefully more of us in this country will learn from his courage, leadership and and love of country!

  • Alicia Nguyen


  • Justin Hensley

    Youre a fucking moron

  • Justin Hensley

    Che guevera was a terrorist who supposedly fought for the opressed by murdering women and children not that mandela was idk about that but your argument is full of holes.

  • Angela Gay

    Outstanding Omni!! R I P Nelson Mandela …..u r so loved and missed!

  • Nkechi Frank

    Thank you Omni! He lived a long life…he lived a purposeful life- REST IN PEACE

  • Ajay

    People are so stupid. Omni did something great and people want to criticize. They didn’t state that they were doing it for to market their product. No, they just did a good thing whether it bring wanted publicity or not. The negativity came when the stupid one brought up the subject.

  • Ajay

    U r disturbed because u see the cup as half empty instead of half full. Omni did a great thing. That’s all they did and nothing else. They could have just posted random colors or mavs, stars or cowboys but they decided to do Nelson a good deed in his honor and there u go with the negativity.

  • yourmama

    Rot in Hell Nelson Mandella – a lot of people would be alive today if you had died in prison or been taken out instead of arrested. Commie terrorist. You Liberal nobodies don’t know diddly about history. You public school rejects. Educate yourselves and pull your head out of your holes.

    This stuff is out there people. Use your heads before your pie holes. You couldn’t look more foolish but I’m sure your responses will be. My first and only time to the shit hole Liberal site.

  • Albert Gonzalez

    You’re an idiot