SAGA Pod 1.6: Is Downtown Dallas Segregated?

Jim Schutze talks with Eric Celeste on why HUD says Dallas promoted segregation downtown

Jim Schutze and I try to figure out why you should care about the HUD-Dallas stories. Bottom line: it’s because the city has been taking federal money to end segregation, and apparently/allegedly/maybe been using that money to promote segregation, at least downtown. We discuss what this means, if Mary Suhm should get any blame (I get a little yell-y at this point), and whether this would make a better column than the one I planned to write about DISD. Also: we debut a segment with a good friend of mine who has long suggested he would be a fantastic addition to the pod.

(Note: if the weather cooperates, tomorrow will be a weather-centric pod, with all sorts of thundersleet talk to keep you warm as we’re entombed in ice.)

(Double note: you may notice I got a new mic again, my third. I sound GREAT. But now Jim is kinda quiet. Weird thing: that’s my bad. But it’s okay. Now that my mic is good, I’ll get that sound mix fixed. It’s all coming together, just like I planned it.)

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