Radical Solution Found to Museum Tower Glare Problem

Looking through D Magazine’s windows with binoculars, we can see progress.

MuseumTowerAll this hubbub and controversy, and an affordable solution was right under our noses the whole time. Just remove the windows. Might hurt the LEED certification. But whatever. (This photo was taken from a seated position at my desk, using an iPhone held up to one lens of a pair of Jason Empire-brand, Model 164 binoculars. Just so you know.)


  • RAB

    This is clearly a hoax picture. Every time you see a view through binoculars on a movie or the TV, there’s alway TWO circles surrounded by black. Fraud!

  • Marcus

    If you’re going to use ‘nocs to stare into windows, lets see some more side boobs in showers and less windows.