Pete Delkus Didn’t Post That on Facebook

Will we or won't we be "entombed in ice"?

Over on Unfair Park, they have quoted Pete Delkus warning us all about the ice headed our way. On the WFAA weatherman’s Facebook page, it looks like he wrote: “The Metroplex is going to be entombed in ice. It’s just a question of how thick will it ultimately get.” Which, of course, is what she said. Anyway, yes, it does look like Delkus wrote that. Because it’s on Delkus’ Facebook page. But if you look closely, that Facebook post ends with a byline, a little “-sm.”  I’m gonna assume that’s Steve McCauley. No offense to Steve McCauley, but he’s no Pete Delkus. So until Delkus himself comes and says it to my face — “Tim, it’s just a question of how thick will it ultimately get” — I’m not believing it.


  • Brad Schweig

    Id believe Steve before I believe Pete. Pete is great for an entertaining forecast and tweets but for real weather Steve is the one to turn to.

    • Tom Kelly

      I agree with Brad. In baseball terms, Steve is the workhorse starter who has a variety of pitches and Pete is the closer who mostly throws fastballs and an occasion curve ball.

  • zaslowe

    No kidding. Steve was great. Pete is a master showman who crescendos up to a weather event that, more often than not, peters out.

  • Colin Z

    I’m going to assume that this is a December Fools’ Day post. I’ll take Steve McCauley’s forecast over Pete’s each and every time.