Leading Off (12/5/13)

Criminals are incompetent at using cellphones; woman attacks daughter's alleged bullies; Frisco school violates Merry Christmas Law

Cellphone Data On the Rise As a Tool For Prosecutors. It helps if the person using the phone is as dumb as Franklin Davis, sentenced to death for the murder of 16-year-old Shania Gray. He “used his phone to research how to get away with murder; to send fake texts that appeared as if they came from Shania’s phone; and to look for the location of the Irving park where he killed her. Also recovered on Davis’ phone were recordings of phone conversations Davis had with Shania while posing as someone else to gain her confidence.” I mean, if you are Googling how to get away with murder, there is zero chance you are getting away with murder. Sergey Brin should fix it so if you actually perform that search the only result you get is “TURN YOURSELF IN. DON’T MAKE IT ANY WORSE THAN IT ALREADY IS.”

Little Elm Mother Attacks Daughter’s Alleged Bullies, Is Arrested. Alexandra Harris’ family says that her middle-school-age daughter had been targeted by bullies at school. That’s why, when Harris saw a scuffle on the school bus and believed her daughter was being attacked, she boarded the bus and hit and kicked two students. She’s now in Denton County jail on a $10,000 bond. Look, I get it. Your kid is your world, and you think the school isn’t helping. You’re frustrated. But you can’t help her from the joint.

I’ve Been Busy This Year So I Didn’t Realize There Was Actually a Merry Christmas Law, And Some School In Frisco Is Not Following It. Apparently this happened in June? Governor Perry signed into law something that allows (sounds more like forces) schools and such to say “Merry Christmas” with no threat of legal challenge. But Nichols Elementary in Frisco is having a winter party and its prohibition of references to Christmas or any other religious holiday; red or green Christmas trees; and anything that might stain a carpet flies in the face of that law and will probably make society cave in on itself. I hate December. Until I get rich enough to fund a station that plays nothing but De La Soul’s “Millie Pulled a Pistol On Santa” 24 hours a day throughout December, I’m not celebrating anything.


  • Everlasting Phelps

    Pissed off at the Little Elm story. If someone is being attacked, related to you or not, you have the right to defend them from their attackers. That said, the place to sort this out is in the trial. Just don’t plea to something, m’kay?

    — Phelps

  • no_really

    ” I mean, if you are Googling how to get away with murder, there is zero chance you are getting away with murder.” Except Casey Anthony did.

  • SansNomen

    The Little Elm story is yet another example of public schools in Texas not taking harassment (bullying is now an ineffective word) seriously. My niece was harassed by a group of sociopathic girls during high school. My sister and brother-in-law made numerous trips to the school and nothing was done. The saddest thing is that what it took to finally get some action is for them to file for a restraining order against the students involved. Then, the school finally acted and ultimately the RO was not necessary. But, why should it take that? And, why should it get to the point where this mother is so frustrated by the school’s impotence and refusal to act that she feels like this is her only option. The commenter before me is correct, if you see someone being physically attacked, it is your duty to step in regardless of the situation. Hopefully, the DA will do the RIGHT thing and drop these charges. Also…shame on you Zac for tacitly supporting the harassment by impugning this mother’s actions!

  • Zac Crain

    Fair point.

  • D. Shaprio

    You don’t have “Winter Parties” because winter sucks! Without joy and gifts and love, the party would simply be my marriage.

  • Zac Crain

    Solid addition.