Leading Off (12/4/13)

Deion Sanders Is Out; Cowboys Ticket Seller Doesn't Deliver; Dallas Marathon Inspiration

Deion Sanders Fired. Again. For the second time in two months, Deion Sanders has been fired from the charter school he co-founded. WFAA-TV broke the news, which said 75 students walked out in protest of Sanders’ firing. It appears the decision to fire Sanders was made by the Superintendent, with at least the chairman of the board knowing nothing about the decision.

Ticket Seller Doesn’t Deliver. Tabatha and Jess Harris were excited to go to the Thanksgiving Dallas Cowboys game. They’re from Hot Springs, South Dakota, and spent $738 on a package that would get them a tailgate and tickets to the game. When they got to the tailgate location, there was nothing there. They didn’t have tickets. The person who sold them their package, Ronni Sokol with Maximum Sports, has done this before. 

Dallas Marathon Is Sunday. If you want to be inspired, I recommend you spend some time at the finish line of the Dallas Marathon this Sunday. If you do, you’ll hear a lot of incredible stories, including this one about Brandon Cumby, a 34-year-old who nearly died 16 months ago. Good luck to Brandon and everyone else running. (And fingers crossed that the weather holds.)


  • Greg Brown

    Students walk out in protest over the firing of the man that is ripping them off?

  • Dan Koller

    That school went from sub-prime to prime time (and back to sub-prime) in no time.