Leading Off (12/3/13)

SMU pot ring, Psycho Shanon back in hospital, Dallas breaks civil rights laws

Dallas Affordable-Housing Practices Violate Civil Rights Laws. This sort of thing can get really wonky. But millions of dollars are at stake, not to mention the city’s reputation, not to mention actual real people’s lives. So if you want to wrap your arms around the problem a little better, listen to this episode of This American Life. (Seriously. The history of HUD, involving Mitt Romney’s dad, is fascinating. Take the time. Dig in.)

Four Former SMU Frat Brothers Busted in Marijuana Grow Operation. I’d like to know more about this story. The four guys — Louis Michael Olerio, Jr., Jeremy Cash McElroy, Eric Irving Love, and Jeffrey Scott Gannon — are all in their mid-30s, and their grow operation, spread across 11 houses in Richardson and Dallas, started in 2004. So they were a couple years out of school when they started. I hereby call on Joe Tone and his staff at the Observer to tackle this pronto. Take me back to school, when these cats met. Tell me how it happened. I promise to read the story. (Let me know if you need any other ideas.)

Psycho Shanon Back in the Hospital. If you listened to Kidd Kraddick in the Morning, you know the show’s producer, Shanon Murphy, underwent brain surgery last month. There was some concern about infection, and she’s back in the hospital.


  • Long Memory

    I’d settle for learning which frat those boys belonged to. I hate tarring all the frats with a broad brush. Well actually, I don’t hate doing that. But I’m thinking the Greeks at SMU are all pointing the finger (not sure which one) at other organizations. And one other thing: Didn’t these smart guys get the memo that hydroponic gardening is very energy- and water-intensive? And that the utilities are glad to let the cops know when they see something out of the ordinary. Like heavy utility use at a house where there’s nobody in evidence?

  • My name really is Guest

    I saw an arrogant, hungover-looking SMU frat boy in Snyder Plaza a few weeks ago wearing a shirt that read “What do you call an SMU grad?” on the front and “Boss” on the back. A new shirt should be printed immediately with the word “Boss” replaced with “Duuuude.”

  • joeptone

    Challenge accepted.

  • Glenn Campbell

    The fake kingpins belonged to the Pi Kappa Alpha (PIKE) fraternity at SMU. They graduated 98-00. Eric Love was on the SMU soccer team, I think. I remember all these douchebags. I lived behind the PIKE house, and I remember that they had a reputation for steroids, taking inter-mural athletics way too seriously, and being meatheads altogether. They used to give our neighbor house all kinds of sh*t for smoking pot. Kinda funny.

    • Intheknow

      These guys are all great guys, especially Cash, Lou and Eric. Lou has a very reputable home building company that was in D Magazine’s top builders in 2011 (regent Custom Homes). Cash is his business partner and is very involved with his family. Eric is a very bright and successful guy. They made some stupid decisions when they were young. They admitted their wrong doings and are paying the price. I hate how this is being portrayed as an SMU thing. These guys all graduated before or in 2000., prior to this happening. The PIKEs were actually the least of the drug houses. They were the athletes. As far as Glenn living behind the Pike house… The FIJI house is behind the PIKE house, and I doubt you were a FIJI.

  • Intheknow

    2of these guys were in the “energy business”

  • CourtneyCBrown

    Just heard about this through the small hometown grapevine that I share w/ one of the guys. So very sad to learn about this! We were very close growing up & I still think a lot of his family. I’m just going to think about all the great memories i have of him! Praying for his family!