Leading Off (12/19/13)

Cristina Daglas TV Appearance Alert, A Necessary Roughness Joke, A Perd Hapley Joke, and Continuing Coverage of the Prime Prep Disaster

Local Magazine Editor Was On TV Last Night. You can see that right here.

Local Billionaire Robert Rowling Part of Eight-Person UT Football Coach Search Committee. OK, I know I’ve been out of pocket for the past couple of weeks, guys, but I’m prepared now to give you an answer: yes, I’ll do it. As long as I’m allowed to have Sinbad and Scott Bakula on the team.

Milton Dohoney Jr. Remains At the Top of My Dallas City Manager Candidate Power Rankings. Three of the six candidates interviewed with the city council yesterday. Two of them — David Cooke and Jonathan Mantay — gave insanely generic quotes following their interviews. Dohoney, though, declined to comment. So, Dohoney has two things going for him: he gives off a strong whiff of Perd Hapley, and he knows when to keep his mouth shut. But he’s not A.C. Gonzalez, and this is all pretty much a sham, so whatever.

Tire Fire At Prime Prep Academy Continues Unabated. Kind of feel like going to a board meeting at this point.


  • Brad Schweig

    The Kraddick article ended strangely with the comments about daughter vs fiancee. It would be nice to get clarification on that.