Leading Off (12/13/13)

The cost of the Icepocalypse, more on the 'affluenza' case, and Courtney Kerr does D Magazine.

Icepocalypse Costs Homeowners More Than $30 Million. That’s the bill due to fallen carports, tree branches hitting roofs, broken water pipes, and all manner of other residential damage from last week’s storm. Dallas County spent as much as $400,000 sanding and salting roads, Tarrant County about $500,000. In Denton County, which got 4 inches of ice, they don’t yet have a rundown of their costs, though they didn’t have to spend as much on overtime on county employees as they might have, since many of those workers were trapped in their homes.

Judge Harder on Black Teen Killer Than on Rich, White Teen Killer. Outrage over Tarrant County Judge Jean Boyd’s decision to let 16-year-old Ethan Couch off with a year of rehab, rather than any jail time, after he killed four people with his truck has made national headlines. Now WFAA reports that the same judge sent a 14-year-old black boy to prison for killing someone with a punch that knocked the victim to the ground, where he hit his head on the pavement and died two days later. In the judge’s sort-of defense, the victim’s mother says Boyd tried to give the boy in that case rehab as well but couldn’t find a treatment center to take him.

Courtney Kerr Takes Another Shower on National TV. This time with her best friend, on last night’s second episode of Courtney Loves Dallas. The installment was a marked improvement over the premiere, though I am perhaps biased by the prominent role D Magazine and our 10 Most Beautiful Women in Dallas 2012 photo shoot played.


  • jmckee

    Really? It thought it was much worse, why was your photographer messing with someone else’s Vespa without permission? It was a bunch more of absolutely nothing with Matt, a very ackward “business” lunch where Courtney seemed to be under the very wrong impression that the woman there had any interest in doing any sort of “collaboration” with her while Courtney wore a vest constructed out of discarded cheap stuffed animals.