Laura Beil on PTSD and the Man Who Killed Chris Kyle

She comes to a tough conclusion about why some vets can't get help from the VA medical system.

Awhile back, we alerted you to the existence of an ebook by former Morning News health reporter Laura Beil about Eddie Routh. It’s about the man who killed Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield. Accused. The man who stands accused of the murders. I guess we still have to keep saying that for now. Anyway, Men’s Health has just put online a shorter version of the story. You should read the whole thing, but here’s a taste:

Each day, 22 veterans take their own lives. But here is the paradox: The U.S. government is, in fact, pouring record funding into post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD — $423 million projected this year, up 36 percent just from 2009. To help explain why the system still fails a disturbing number of veterans, some experts offer an answer as unpopular as it is politically radioactive: Clinics are clogged with too many veterans who don’t need to be there and are siphoning resources from those like Eddie, who do.

… [Some] veterans may not have a motivation to get better because their income depends on being sick, says Michael Archuleta, M.D., J.D., a physician who now works as an attorney in Austin. … “When someone is being paid to have a disability, that disability is less likely to go away,” he says. He adds that the VA is striving to bring mental health care to every veteran who needs it, but when a system “incentivizes sickness,” as he calls it, the overload from veterans who should be getting better, or who shouldn’t be there at all, can place the entire operation at risk.


  • Jeff Eastman

    “44 military veterans attempt and 22 veterans die by suicide every day.”

    According to the Am. Psychological Assn., approximately 80% of returning Iraq/Afghanistan war veterans with PTSD symptoms never seek treatment from the Veterans Administration, despite the VA’s attempts at outreach.

    An anonymous online computer therapy program for PTSD at PTSDSTRESS.COM reduces the symptoms of PTSD. Developed in part by a National Institute of Health PTSD researcher, the user follows an easy-to-use program on their home computer. There is no registration.

    The cost is $10 per session and accepts credit cards but does not require a cardholder name for further anonymity and confidentiality. Military and non-military men and women users report results on PTSDSTRESS.COM home page.

  • But Really?

    Maybe when we ask the right question, we will get to the right result. Why were so many innocent Iraqi’s killed? Perhaps the reason so many Iraq vets are fearful AND shameful of coming forward and cop to some deeds they know, if they admit to, might get them in more trouble that they might be able to get out of. Not all of us see heroism in knowing someone killed 200 people. Were they 200 “evil doers” and if so, how do we know that?

  • Michelle Nelder

    This was one wonderful MAN. His lovely, lucky wife & children should and most likely are as proud & grateful to have had him in their lives, Even if only for a shorter time then they deserved. At least they did have that time. As the saying goes ” better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all. I know he will be greatly missed and always remembered for all the good he did.

  • Wayne Richardson

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  • Been there

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  • Ihatestupidity

    I so agree – I am so sick of people who are so worried about the Iraqi’s! Why don’t you go there on vacation? Maybe your head will be sent back home!

  • It’s Real America

    People can be so ignorant. As for the Dr. Michael Archuleta, now an attorney, actually having the nerve to say that some of the vets are using their disability money to survive on and that there is no incentives for them to get off of it..Really??? Do you feel the same way about all the Americans sitting on welfar 4 generations later? What has those people done for this country besides suck our money from hard working American’s and sat back while our military fights for Their freedom!!! As for Mr. Jeff Eastman, why don’t you go visit the homes of our vets and find out the real reason so many of the vets go untreated. You should really find out the reason first before you go public with very little knowledge.

  • Full Blown Idiot

    Every Idiot is entitled to an opinion like the one above. Innocent, how did you determine that? Did you forget these same innocent Iraqi’s terrorized Iraq for decades and used chemical weapons on entire villages, sects and ethnicities. They committed genocide against the Kurds and you call them innocent. You are a Full Blown Idiot.

  • Ernie Engle

    Here is a man that fought for his country, who loved his country and would of died for it. He severed four tours in Iraq. The 200 he killed were animals, 200 that would have killed as many of our sons or daughters that they could. Look at these Muslim animals, what they do and I only say I wish he could have killed 200 more. This man was a hero.

  • TeXan

    Do you know if Eddie ray or PO Kyle were receiving a PTSD retirement check? What will happen to the check for both kyle and Eddie Ray? Will Taya get Kyles check? Will Eddie still get a check if in Huntsville?

  • kat

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