KERA Hires Doualy Xaykaothao

Hard to write, fun to say: Doualy Xaykaothao. Go ahead. Try.

KERA listeners know the name Doualy Xaykaothao even if they don’t recognize it. That’s because it looks funny. But it sounds like this: “Dwah-hlee Sigh-kow-tao.” Xaykaothao filed NPR reports from Asia. Now she’s a senior reporter for KERA. One might wonder why one of the Babes of NPR would take a job in Dallas. Rumor has it that she took the gig for two reasons. 1) She was impressed with the vibrant Laotian dining scene here. 2) The Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge.


  • Tim Rogers

    Actually, there’s another good reason she took the job: it’s a homecoming. Xaykaothao is a graduate of Duncanville High.

    • A. B.

      I bet the real reason was to get into the D 10 Most Beautiful pageant/contest.

  • Greg Brown

    I have listened to her for years. She is a true professional. What an honor to have her here. It has to be the bridge.

  • Ted Baxter

    It’s great to see KERA refresh their news team with this and other recent hires. It was long overdue. Now, I’d really like to see some differentiation in their reporting. I don’t want to read the same angle I’m seeing in the Dallas Morning News, for example. A little provocation would be nice every once in a while, too.

  • Cole Daugherty

    Wow. I’m impressed. Can’t wait to see what she brings to the airwaves.

  • pledger

    now if they would only hire someone to do the traffic again…