Give Us Feedback on the New Design

Everyone's a critic, and that's a good thing. Let's hear what you think.

Change is always difficult, right? First, we beg your patience as work through the technical glitches that surely will arise in the coming days, as we launch the redesign of our entire site. Second, go ahead and share your first impressions. Describe in detail your eye-gasms caused by our potent new layout.


  • gimmethewooby

    Why did FrontBurner become Front / Burner?

  • dkv

    The tracking in the post body looks way too stretched out to me.

  • Sampson

    As my son says…no like.

  • emm

    I’m sorry I noticed the advertising first instead of the content of the page

    • Greg Brown

      I believe that is the intent. . . .

  • Fake Jacob Neilsen

    I like….
    1. …The Daily – the summary of all the blogs. Great idea.
    2. …the fast Load times on desktop/laptops across different browsers.
    3. … that the search engine works. Playing Gotcha! will much easier.
    4. … you did not over promise and under deliver on the redesign like you did a couple of years ago.

    Room for Improvement…
    1. Loads slowly on iPhone mobile browsers. (No, It was not my connection)
    2. Unable to comment on StyleSheet about the trust-funded and/and or underemployed (Sorry, I meant fashion bloggers). Comments turned off?
    3. Sites would greatly benefit from ComicSans font.

    • D. Shapiro

      Room for Improvement #3 needs to be bumped up on the priority list.

  • Chris Chris

    My eyes! The goggles do nothing! Seriously, meh, whatevs – The banner ads are the most prominent thing when you click for the full blog item and comments. (which is kind of the point, right? Duh!) Life will go on. I’ll still be here and gleefully look for an opportunity for a snarky comment.

  • Pedro527

    I’ll get used to it…but somethng a little weird as it loads on this PC…under each blog entry along the top appears the phrase “100 years ago” in faint gray letters…I’m sure that means something to someone…

  • D. Shapiro

    The new site design makes the site look like a work in progress. Very clever.

  • David Burrows

    Overall, I like it. Cleaner and better organized look. Oh, and I was kidding about the Metroplex Light font. Although, there should be a Metroplex font.

  • B intexas

    Where did SideDish go? I read the blogs using my phone. I used to be able to toggle between the two blogs quickly using the drop down box. Now, I cant find it under blogs at all. User error?

  • Really

    On my Ipad, slow to load and page jumps around. Same slow loading and page jerkiness returning to the home page after reading a post. In other words, your site now performs like the Observer/Unfair Park.
    When I click on comments, It takes me the top of a post, and I have to scroll down to see the comments. The space between content and comments is awkwardly filled by “Read this Next” and ads–but I guess that is intentional. Makes my eyes tired.

  • Really

    Post shows 13 comments in the side bar, but only 7 comments after opening the “full story.”

  • Thomas Hooper

    It is sort of Like Windows 8, maybe I will like it after I get used to it? That is my first impression. I will now click on the bar at the top and surf a little.

  • Patsy Ann Bell

    First of all, the design is a huge improvement. Below are some things noticed using a desktop display:

    1) You’re still using “Full Story”, when the whole story is on the main page. Usually, you can delete this function in the php files that pertain to the blog. You will still be able to use WordPress’ default “more” tag. But maybe you guys already know this and find this comment annoying.

    2) Usually, when I shrink the windows on my desktop display, a responsive site will reshape itself. This isn’t happening with your site. Perhaps your media queries are different from what I usually work with.

    3) Having a narrow line of copy next to a photo is awkward. It would really be cool if all your photos took up the entire width of the column. I know it’s a pain for some to mess with photos, but…

    4) Concerning the single page of each blog post, your captions are stacked into a very narrow column under the featured photo. Awkward.

  • Matt

    Few good things, I like the photography focus and the mobile experience is better. Like the comments widget and the focus on comments count on the posts inline – stresses the conversation aspects.
    Some of the rest feels a bit overkilly, the font on stories is painful, the restaurants landing page is very very busy.. way too much to look at and the multiple search boxes is just confusing (bar search vs restaurant search? overkill.)
    Could ease back on the share buttons (fb/twitter/pin) – don’t need 10 different ways to share things.
    Lost of whitespace on my big monitor (#cocky)
    Doesnt seem to render all the good posts by Celeste

  • Fowler Nordheim

    Much better on mobile devices than the prior rendering. Cluttered on larger screen viewing on laptop & desktop. Way too many fonts and layout is chopped up.

  • Darren

    The Daily is cool, but I would like to filter on multiple blogs (ie, Front/Burner and Side/Dish). Right now it is either all or one.

    The multiple fonts cause eyestrain for me.

  • Darren

    Also, on the Daily, the comment counts are not updating (most currently show zero). And hyperlinks within text do not show themselves until your mouse hovers over it.

  • Tim Rogers

    I love you people. Some very helpful comments here. Especially the filter comment from Darren about The Daily.

  • AmyS

    For some reason “gimmethewooby” is easier to read than his comment is. Different fonts. And I’m not exactly sold on the Front/Burner font, but like that at least it’s something different. Interesting how your site menu wraps to the left, I’ve been trying to deal with that myself (go left? go middle? go smaller print? go half up/half down?). I love the fresh bright look and I will not miss the blue highlights on the old pages.

  • David Burrows

    wow, that. is. awesome.

  • thufir_hawat

    What font are the comments? They look squished somehow, and with all the serifs are difficult to read. Calling Bryan Garner. . .

  • BrandonS

    There are many things I like about the redesign, but I don’t care for the main font. Makes the blog look too serious, in my opinion. Also, I always emphasized the first syllable in the name of this blog. Putting the slash between the words make me feel like I have to emphasize the second syllable, and that makes me sad. Finally, I would put the comment dialog box back at the bottom. Make us scroll down and read what preceded us.

  • Anonymous

    If I wanted to look at CultureMap, I’d look at CultureMap. We need more lists!!

  • Darren

    Some of the photos are too large for the desktop browser, causing horizontal scrolling. Like Eric’s head (podcast pic, not his actual head. Although…)

    • Tim Rogers

      Darren, I’m guessing you’re using Firefox. I’m having the same problem. It doesn’t happen in Safari and the other browsers. We’re working on it. Be patient.

  • Avid Reader

    The pics in the posts seem to be blatantly unaware that this isn’t ‘nam and there are rules.