• Greg Brown

    “Ghosts of Dallas” sounds so sad and mournful. At first glance of the title it sounds like another JFK piece. How about a term a little more uplifting?

  • Jackson

    More accurately described, the two photos are looking eastward down Northwest toward the intersection with Preston. I can’t speak for the telephone poles, but otherwise only one structure in the image from ’57 remains today: the main sanctuary and steeple of Park Cities Baptist Church. In the middle ground of the ’57 image one can see what appears to be a smaller steeple-like thing atop some building. That’s actually a Gulf gas station that sat at the southeast corner of Preston and Northwest from the ’30s into the ’70s (it was replaced with what is today a self-serve Chevron). Long ago, oil companies built their gas stations to look like small houses, cottages, really. Gulf frequently put an interesting looking turret on the roof of its stations, à la George Washington’s Mount Vernon and H.L. Hunt’s replica on White Rock Lake, and that Gulf turret is seen in the ’57 image. In the distance of both photos one can see a water tower. Same location today, although the original was replaced by a newer, more attractive, higher-capacity tower in the late ’90s.

    • Alice F.

      Thanks for the info!

  • PeterTx52

    which of the many photo collections is this from?