Dallas County is More Catholic, More Religious Than Most Its Neighbors

These maps might allow you to feel holier than thou neighbors.

Religious participation map screenshot

The other day the Washington Post ran this post featuring several maps created from data of the 2010 Religion Census, the work of the Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies. The maps show the level of religious participation and diversity in each of country’s counties. Here’s what we learn about Dallas County.

For one, Dallas (and Collin County) stand out as they are colored blue in the midst of a sea of red. That indicates the religious group with the largest number of adherents is the Catholic Church. It’s the Southern Baptist Convention that runs the show in the surrounding counties.

Also of note are the differing levels of religious participation as a whole, as seen on this map. According to this census, the percentage of adherents in each of North Texas’ largest counties is:

Dallas County:  61.4%

Tarrant County: 55.2%

Collin County: 52.4%

Denton County: 40.2%

Of course, those counties all look to be brimming with heathens compared to the burned-over district of Rockwall County, where participation is 81.9%.


  • mlindley

    Hispanic population.

  • Valerie Clem

    Lots of Latinos in Dallas County. Collin County is made up of a lot of transplants from the Northeast.