D Magazine Cleans Up at FOLIO Awards

We took three of the four awards for which we were a finalist, which is not bad, right?

FOLIO is a trade publication that covers the magazine industry (like Ad Age and Adweek do for the advertising industry). FOLIO’s annual awards for the best in the business are called the Eddies (for editorial) and Ozzies (design). Our design director, Todd Johnson, sends word from the awards breakfast (I know, right? An awards breakfast?) in New York that we won three of the four categories in which we were a finalist.

For best full issue of a regional publication, D Magazine beat Chicago Magazine and Garden & Gun to win the Eddie for our September 2012 issue (the one with the cheerleaders on the cover). To everyone who contributed, thank you for making the magazine great. In particular, Peter Simek did a wonderful job with a story about Tony Romo’s best high school game, and Nancy Nichols wrote a hell of a raw, honest essay about breaking up with her boyfriend and moving in with her mother. As for Jason Sheeler’s cover story about the best competitive cheer squad in the country, all I have to say about that is #BABS!

For best design of a new consumer magazine, we won the Ozzie for D Moms. Focus less on the fact that this publication no longer exists and more on the fact that of all of the new magazines that came out this year, all across the country, D Moms was the most gorgeous. Congrats to Jamie Laubhan-Oliver, who designed it.

For best use of photography in a consumer magazine with a circulation under 100,000, D Magazine won the Ozzie for our “Daydream Believer” fashion feature, which was shot by Scott Womack, who is a total stud.

Sadly, for best overall design of a consumer publication with a circulation under 250,000, D Magazine lost the Ozzie to Vintage Magazine. Bunch of hipsters at that pub. Don’t know what else to say.


  • Todd Johnson

    Creative not design director, Tim. Create what exactly, you may ask? Damn fine question.