Crain: Alan Peppard Read Our Kidd Kraddick Story, Likes It

This could be so much easier, guys.

And he called it a “touching, startling piece.” Which it is. So that’s awesome. Very nice of Alan to say. Keep in mind I really mean that.

I just don’t understand — and this isn’t at all Peppard’s fault — why the Dallas Morning News headlines it on its homepage “Peppard: Kidd Kraddick hid cancer from co-hosts, daughter, new report says” and on the actual post, “Peppard: Kidd Kraddick had cancer and kept it a secret, according to D magazine story.” The story is on sale now, and it hasn’t been exactly hard to find on our website. Alternate headline: “Peppard: I Read a Story.”


  • Anonymous

    Actually it is hard to find on the website — I had to go to the Peppard column to get a link back to the D Magazine article.

  • joeptone

    Great story, but is hard to find on your web site, because it’s “has not officially been published online.”

  • joeptone

    It is hard to find, apparently because it hasn’t “officially” been published on your web site.

  • Tim Rogers

    Listen. There are people who make decisions. And these decisions must be respected, even if you totally and wholeheartedly disagree with them. Because these people are wiser than you and smarter than you and also because they own the company. We will officially publish that story when we are good and ready.

  • joeptone

    In your defense this is the first time I’ve looked for an article on the providing publication’s homepage since, like, 2009, and it took me nine seconds to find it. Much harder to find is any information on its very capable author. Who she be?

  • joeptone

    God that first sentence is a disaster. I need an editor.

  • Abacus

    Alan P is as irrelevant and obsolete as an abacus. The poor guy no doubt longs for the days in the 80s when the Mansion was hot and half of the people in Dallas who are now sober or dead were in their prime partying days. The stories have changed, times have changed yet Alan remains the same irrelevant, lazy reporter. If the owners of Mi Cocina stopped calling him with celebrity sightings, he’d never have anything fresh to report.

    • Tim Rogers

      Disagree. The stuff Alan wrote in the run-up to the JFK 50th was really good.

    • Cole Daugherty

      Alan’s recent articles about JFK were outstanding. Now that was just a few months of output but the pieces were excellent.

  • Zac Crain

    OK, perhaps I misspoke. It hasn’t been terribly hard to find online since it’s been moving around the internet even before the magazine hit the shelves. It will “officially” be on the site soon.

  • Zac Crain

    Jamie Thompson wrote this great piece for the Morning News a few years ago:

    And she’s written a couple of great pieces for us prior to the Kidd story, with another to come soon(ish) that has kept her busy for a long time.

  • Valerie Clem

    Good article. Will there be a follow-up in the near future?

    • Zac Crain

      To this blog post? Hm. Perhaps.

  • Bill Marvel

    Perhaps the person who signs himself “Abacus” has only scanned Alan’s columns looking for mention of his name, and having found none moved on to the sports pages. Too bad. Alan’s best stuff — the assassination pieces,for example — are excellent. But, of course, you’d have to have read them to know that, and so few people read these days.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like the wannabe singer daughter is screwing over daddy’s girlfriend. How often do we see this happen. It is a big pill to swallow that only a couple of people knew he was sick. Sounds like they were all playing the game of denial.

  • Vicki448

    I made a very similar statement last evening (after reading the D mag article) and I was attacked by a “member” of the Cradick family….hope your comment flies under the radar!

  • Ray Balestri

    Totally disagree with “Abacus” and heartily concur with Cole Daugherty. All of the JFK stories in the series were outstanding, but the Nixon piece was a lights-out, bring-in-the-stretcher knock-out. Great reporting, surprising and fascinating story, and top-shelf writing. Savored every word.

  • Anonymous

    The bit about Caroline sitting in the Ritz Carlton having her hair blown out, gazing at her gown and placing her Christian Dior sunglasses to go perform for the fans but seemed fine kicking the girlfriend to the curb and might have been after her Dad for his money seems like another type of upscale blow out. It was my understanding the girlfriend made him his happiest in the last years of his life which were, for the most part a struggle he kept to himself. I only know of KK as a successful business man and not familiar with his talent .

  • Ted

    Off-topic, but I should point out that when I clicked on the boldly promising “Full Story” it revealed to me that the entirety of the story had already been above the fold.

    So when did these sorts of short form social media blog post snacks graduate to the status of Full Stories?