Chanel Doesn’t Wait for Stoplights

Fair Park gets the big show tonight, but many of the VIPers were at the Joule last night.

Last night, my husband and I bundled up in our warmest sweats and our grungiest coats and set out to take our dogs on their nightly walk around downtown. We started toward Main Street Garden, but when we got to the corner of Main and Ervay, we saw two cops guiding traffic. We looked at the lights. They were working perfectly fine. Then we looked at the cops, they were hurriedly guiding people through. “What’s going on?” we asked. “Oh, we’re just taking over the lights for a bit.”

We decided to investigate (and by investigage, I mean our dogs hadn’t done their business yet so they needed to walk more), so we walked over to the Joule. Then it all made sense. On our way, we passed black vehicle after black vehicle with the little Chanel logo on their windows. The cops, you see, were there to usher the Chanel VIPers through the lights. Not only were they at Main and Ervay, but they were also at Main and Akard, ensuring that no one with the iconic logo would have to wait to go through a light.

Welcome to Dallas, Chanel! We’re obviously excited to have you. (And, next time, will you warn me when you’re going to be in my neighborhood? I’ll at least change out of my sweats.)


  • rauldallas

    It’s OK…most of the stoplights don’t work anyway.

  • Coco

    Lots of Chanel people and cars at the Four Seasons in Irving.

  • JSSS

    This is ridiculous — taxpayers are paying for our police officers to usher the rich through stoplights? Traffic laws must only be for the little people.

  • Caitlin Giddens

    Love this!