Cade Foster’s Mom Probably Isn’t So Happy Now

The kciker's mom was a bit mouthy a year ago when Bama won the BCS

By now you’ve seen the highlight of Auburn beating Alabama in epic fashion, after Bama missed a long field goal with one second remaining in the game, and Chris Davis put up a 109-yard return for a touchdown. But, really, can you watch it too many times?

You might also know that Bama kicker Cade Foster has taken some heat for the loss. Foster, who is from Southlake, didn’t miss that final kick, but he did miss two earlier tries and had another blocked. Some folks on Twitter told him that he should kill himself, which is not WJWD. Bama students have apparently rallied around the kid. Tough time for Foster, no question.

So let’s go back in time about two years. Bama just creamed LSU in the BCS title game, 21-0. The next day, on the flight back from New Orleans to Dallas was a sad co-worker of mine who went to LSU. But you know who was even more sad than my co-worker? Jarrett Lee. He was the LSU quarterback who wound up going 8-0 that year only because Jordan Jefferson had been suspended for a bar fight. But then, in LSU’s first game against Bama that year, Lee threw two picks, and Jefferson took over.

My co-worker says Lee looked like a broken man on that flight. Here was the guy who had led his team to the promised land — only to have the job taken away from him. And then he had to stand on the sidelines and watch LSU get killed in New Orleans. Many people on the flight were talking about the game. Lee, sitting three rows in front of my co-worker, sat with his head in his hands.

Sitting in the row across from my co-worker was Kelly Foster, Cade’s mother. At that point, Cade wasn’t kicking field goals for Bama. He was a kickoff specialist. I’m not saying he didn’t contribute to the win. I am saying he was a kickoff specialist. Kelly was going on and on about the game, reliving the win, with an enthusiasm and volume more appropriate for a Bama tailgater than an airplane — especially one with Jarrett Lee sitting three rows in front of her.

My co-worker brought this fact to Kelly’s attention, but she would not be stifled. One of her travelmates had to be enlisted to get her to tone it down. “Boorish” would be an apt description of how she handled herself.

All of which I bring up because, you know, karma.

Buck up, Cade Foster. You aren’t hated half as much as Nick Saban.


  • Dubious Brother

    I was unable to watch the game live so I set the DVR to record it. In my haste I forgot to record the time slot right after the game. The last play that I saw was the 99 yard touchdown pass that put Alabama up by a touchdown. Did anything interesting happen after that?

  • fan in texas

    If you really believe in karma, you might want to tone it down a bit.

  • RPD

    Are you really attacking this kid’s mom 2 days after one of the worst days of his life? Really? Whats the word I’m searching for?….. Boorish?!

  • TJ


    Perhaps you have better journalism to tend to than taking jabs at a student-athletes mother who will have no way to defend herself from your slander.

  • Chilly

    I know Cade’s mom very well and your story is just not believable. His mom is very classy and you will find no better young man than Cade. If you are what is defined as a journalist these days then D Magazine has a serious problem. Writing a column based on heresy without giving her the opportunity to defend herself is better suited for the National Enquirer.

  • Torquemada

    Did someone mention “heresy”?

  • Bamafan4life

    I am a personal friend of Cade’s Mom Kelly and although I know she gets really happy for a “win” for Alabama, I also know that she has the kindest, and sweetest heart. I have been with her to many tailgates and games and she is always very sensitive to other fans and how they feel….so this article is something that I just don’t believe happened. I believe that she was probably very happy and giddy about the game….but if someone told her that this kid was up in front of her and upset….Kelly is the kind of Woman who would’ve went to him and apologized and spoke some kind words….so please….no bashing this WONDERFUL Mother and great friend of mine….that’s just disgusting….especially when you don’t even know her. ROLL TIDE!!

  • Janet Davis

    I really don’t think that the author of this piece was trying to state that Foster’s mother talking animatedly about the win against LSU on that plane received her “just rewards” or karma by means of what is happening to her poor son now. I think he was just demonstrating how quickly the tide can turn against you. Sorry about the pun by the way…
    I’m sure Cade Fosters mother was reveling in the win on the flight, who wouldn’t? But, we all have to remember, flights are close quarters & voices carry over 3 rows at just normal volume. So a normal voiced discussion of a big game win could & probably did sound like it was being shouted, especially to the LSU player within those few rows. I’m sure the sadness of the loss heightened sensitivity to it & that player would’ve heard it if someone whispered about it from the back. Feelings run high in college football. So I doubt it was a volume issue, more like a feelings issue, unfortunately the good feelings from 1 side clashed with the pain of the other.
    This isn’t her fault. Just like it’s not the LSU players fault. You cannot change what you like, who you are or how you feel.

    That being said I feel terrible about what’s being done to Cade Foster. That a group of “fans” decided to pin the blame to him is unreal & speaks volumes about those soulless beasts. As an Auburn fan I’m happy, thrilled we won, but sad this young man is being crucified for it. It wasn’t his fault. There is 1 lesson those so called Bama fans can learn from Auburn: If the roles had been reversed & AU had a kicker miss those fields goals, then lose the game? Not ONE thing would’ve been said to that player along those lines. It’s just unthinkable to lay that type of blame on someone.

  • Justareader

    I suggest you read up on what Auburn fans did to John Vaughn after he missed 5 field goals in the 2005 LSU game–he spoke of nasty emails, eggs smashed against his front door, and threatening phone calls. And Vaughn is one of the best kickers Auburn has ever had.

  • Tim Rogers

    Thanks, Janet. Just so.

  • Elisabeth B.

    Really D Magazine? This is the best you can come up with? Kelly Foster is one of the kindest, most loving and most sensitive women I have ever met. Please do not spread hate. “Pick on someone your own size.”
    Ask yourself: Did this article “make Dallas even better?”
    Let’s protect our own.