Bon Voyage, #chaneldallas

Celebrities take to the dance floor for some Texas line dancing.

Y’all should watch this gem of a video shot by Jeanne Prejean at last night’s Chanel show. This is after the lucky ticket holders viewed The Return at Karl Lagerfeld’s drive-in. And it’s after they watched model after model walk the runway in, what I can only think to call, fancy cowboy clothes. In all seriousness, it was a stunning collection filled with fringe, denim, perfect star detailing, and leather.

That woman in the pink, sparkly Chanel dress? That’s Lily Collins, daughter of Phil, who mounted the mechanical bull later. At around the 3-minute mark, Alexa Chung comes into the frame to walk a runway of her own. Later, she would dance in the front row to Hot Chip’s “Over and Over.” Not pictured: Kristen Stewart (what was that outfit, by the way?), who gallivanted around the premises with Dakota Fanning, dressed beautifully in Chanel; Zoe Kravitz and her bull-style nose ring; Nina Garcia, of Project Runway fame, who ate tacos at a picnic table (with no one seated next to her); and Karl Lagerfeld, spotted toward the end of the evening surrounded by a throng of youngsters, protected from the rest of us heathens by guards.

As one Dallasite put it, it was refreshing to go to an event and not know everyone there (clearly, he’s more popular than I am). In any event, fresh faces were among us, enjoying everything this Paris-Dallas event had to offer, even line dancing.

But now #chaneldallas, it’s time to bid you adieu. The months of speculation and planning and tips and guest lists and invite mishaps (our issue, not theirs) have finally come to an end. And the events are nearing their close as well. Karl Lagerfeld will be honored this afternoon at a Neiman Marcus luncheon, and then I assume they’ll all exit our city as fast as they came.

Bon voyage.


  • pattihaskins

    Lily Collins, “son” of Phil??????????????

  • Jason Heid

    Fixed. Thanks for noting. Think Cristina may still be a bit tipsy from last night.

  • Cristina Daglas

    Ah! Thanks for the catch.

  • RAB

    “more popular than me”? Isn’t your title Editor?

  • Sjwaters

    “Clearly, he’s more popular than me”??? I’m no editor but shouldn’t be “more popular than I”?

  • RAB


  • BrentDude

    Tim would have never made that mistake.

  • Cristina Daglas

    What mistake?

  • Cristina Daglas


  • Brett Moore

    This feels like the magazine version of being beaten into a gang.