The SAGA Pod 4.1: Jim Schutze on DISD, and ‘NY pinhead’ Mark Lamster on tearing out a downtown highway


This week, the SAGA Pod gets some new artwork (although when iTunes will switch it, who knows?), a new microphone (which I’m still getting used to; you can tell when I look away to check the Internet while talking), and the same ol’ stammering host you know and love. First, Jim Schutze talks about his story in this week’s Observer, about how DISD teachers are already lining up for their next battle with the administration. We also talk about why I wrote that Brett Shipp article and why I want to marry Lisa Blue. (It’s not complicated.) Then, the splendid architecture critic from the Dallas Morning News, Mark Lamster, chimes in to talk about tearing out a downtown highway, why commenters love-hate him (and why he loves them), and proves that he’s a dedicated pod listener. As always, you can sign up for the pod on iTunes here, or the rss feed here, or just listen below. Cheers.

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  • Tim Rogers

    It didn’t occur to me until Eric released this episode, his fourth, but his numbering nomenclature is screwy. This is the fourth episode of the first season. He has called it 4.1. Obviously, it should be 1.4. I informed him this morning about this misstep. His response: “If it irritates you, I’m never fixing it.” Just so you know what sort of individual you’re listening to here.